Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Markets In Ho Chi Minh City

The great thing about eating in Ho Chi Minh City's markets is the clean glasses, bowls and surroundings. It makes me feel much more comfortable and I can enjoy my meal more than in other areas in Viet Nam. The food in Saigon's markets is so good, and not expensive at all.

Fresh spring rolls(Goi Cuon) are most famous in the south, the dipping sauce is an amazing mix of lots of peanuts and some chilli. Every market in Saigon offers this dish which is most popular at lunchtime but great for a snack anytime.

Eating in the market is an adventure for foreigners who come to Viet Nam for the first time, as they're always scared that the food may upset their stomachs. But after they experience the market food once, then they come back for more.

I love wandering in at the Ben Thanh market and the Binh Tay market, not only to eat but also just want to have a good look around.

The way the stallholders arrange the food looks great, and they help each other in selling as well. For example, you can sit in another shop and the staff will order whatever food you want from another shop. Juices and desserts are amazing here, too. I especially love the steamed banana in coconut milk sauce.

You can enjoy your food while you have your nails done. Have you ever done this before? Kill time by having lunch and a pedicure at the same time. What a classic!


krisTi said...


FooDcrazEE said...

been there and done that..thanx to ur post, i remember them again..but the food.....its to die for bro

drifter1dc said...

I enjoy the food stalls outside the Ben Thanh market at night. I haven't eaten inside yet but I will on my next trip in Sept.

slurp! said...

goi cuon! my all time favourite! agree with drifer1dc, the night market outside looks great, unfortunately, i haven't them as i discovered this just when I have my pho bo fixes at pho2000 :(

hmmm ... do they do pedicure for men as well :P

drifter1dc said...


Yes on the pedicure no on the bikini wax.....oucheee mama!!!!

zena said...

Love your blog...would like to visit to see all these wonderful sights!!!

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

Darn, those spring rolls and dipping sauce look so so inviting!

Thanks for the wonderful pics again.

Anonymous said...

I am a Finn, temporarily living in Canada, and I have found the delicious Vietnamese food right here, and I am loving it! I tell my wife all the time that I could live in Vietnam for the food alone. I am coming!!!


Love those fresh spring rolls. That we have here.

hunghuynh said...

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Maya said...

Now I'm hungry...

totenkuchen said...

Open markets are always a lot of fun. It is great just to see all the people, all the stuff for sale, and all the different foods.

I used to go to the market in Taegu, Korea all the time, it was pretty interesting. It wasn't all that clean, however. I saw a woman washing whole chickens with water welling up from a crack in the sidewalk and then placing them on raw wood planks in the sun.

The fish market was the best - that was very clean and there was a lunch counter that served the best soup I ever had.

Tim Rice said...

This market looks like it would be fun to explore and experience.

Crystal said...

I absolutely adore exotic outdoor markets, and sometimes you've gotta throw caution to the wind and try the delicious goodies being sold at the food stands. I can't recall if I've ever had Spring Rolls, actually I don't think I've tried Vietnamese food at all yet but I really really want to!

Winn said...

i love the fresh spring rolls like wat u've posted.
the spring rolls in m'sia - esp chinese's are mostly fried. i like fresh ones compared to fried stuff :)

Thuy said...

MMmmm! You're making me so hungry. Please post pictures of 'pho hanoi' and 'banh xeo' - oh and a cup of 'cafe au lait'. I can't wait to visit again.
Also, thanx for visiting my blog and you may link if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

u r in the playgroung of vina food blog now?

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi all
drifter1dc, you should better check inside the market, such a great palce to eat.
fooDcrazEE, comeback?
slurp! yes, my favorite too, i think they do for men too. try it and let me know :
Pekka if you come to viet nam, then you may say, Viet food here is even better :)
hunghuynh,ban co the xem anh cua minh o flickr, cam on ban da de lai loi nhan.
Totenkuchen, I agree with you. Love to wandering around markets.
Crystal , come to Viet Nam, I'll invite you to the best Viet restaurant :)
Winn, we have fried spring rolls too but ther are not as healthy :)
Thuy, I posted about Banh Xeo and Pho Hanoi already, pls check my Nha Trang posts.
KCA, I try my best to give my reader all things about Viet Nam, sorry if you are a viet food blogger.

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