Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beer and Steak

Bao Lam- Bat Dan

It's no wonder that Bao Lam beef steak restaurant is always crowded because of their German
Braustein draught beer which is only 5000Vnd and really cold, fruit juices, other drinks and the food is excellent. In actual fact, the beef steak is a bit oily but very tasty and there are lots of different dishes to try.

Beef steak- Bao Lam- Bat Dan

Garlic bread is my favorite besides the beefsteak and stir fried chicken wings. They also serve some favourites like fried rice and fried noodles. Due to southern accent, the staff are always a bit doubtful when they take my order and I also can't understand them sometimes because they also aren't from Hanoi but the lady-owner is really friendly and nice. I just come there sometimes for coffee in the morning or at noon for the air-conditioning to hide away from the heat of 39 degree of Hanoi.

Garlic breads - Bao Lam- Bat Dan

Bao Lam Restaurant
42B Bat Dan


Jimmy Tran said...

hubba, hubba vg. look at that! i can smell it now!

the one thing i'm gonna miss when i leave california is the mexican food. any (good) mexican restaurants in hanoi?


Yummy! This is making me feel hungry. I better go and eat. It's dinner time now.

Monika said...


It's only 10:12am and my mouth is watering!

Vikkissty said...

Whoa you're still in Vietnam? how long have you been there? Do you reside else where or are you Vietnamese? Gosh! You're english is flawless for you to be a residence of Vietnam..? Get at me quick! my curiousity about you is killing me!!!!!

GoingGlobal said...

Wow, the garlic bread looks really good.

Nga said...

Nobody eat Frenchfries in greasy sauce like that, and the steaks look awfull. Vietnamese don't know how to cook Western food, should go back to Vietnamese cooking.

Anonymous said...

I think nga was being a bit harsh on the comment. People should explore all kinds of cooking, just because you're Vietnamese doesn't mean you can't cook a Steak or should only cook Vietnamese food. The dish may look greasy to you but may be delicious and I don't think those are all grease, more like a sauce. You probably think I am Vietnamese, but I am actually not. I am Just one who appreciates different cultures.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi all, thansk for all comment. I actually love this beefsteak eventhough it's a bit greasy sauce.

Vikkissty, I am a real Vietnamese and I living in Hanoi. Thanks for your nice words.

Anonymous said...



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