Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thanh Kieu Resort In Phu Quoc

Thanh Kieu Resort - Phu Quoc (5)

Thanh Kieu sounds pretty much like thank you in English. Quite a clever, catchy name for a resort when I think about it. Easy to remember, too. Thanh Kieu Resort in Phu Quoc is located right on the beach, hidden away from the dusty red clay road. Surrounded by a tropical garden of bamboos, palms and tropical plants and flowers, this hotel is a little piece of paradise that I really feel like keeping secret.

Thanh Kieu Resort - Phu Quoc (11)

A family business where most of the staff is related to the owner, the accommodation consists of mostly thatch-roofed bungalows with terraces overlooking the beach. A couple of newer bungalows with tiled roofs have been built recently but are simply equipped in exactly the same way, with two beds and the necessary mosquito nets, fridges, fans and cold water bathrooms. Well, to call it a resort might be a bit of an exaggeration but considering the beach is right outside, a hammock swings in the sea breeze and the weather is hot, there isn’t much call for a room with much more than the basics. Let’s just say, for me, it’s a resort.

Thanh Kieu Resort - Phu Quoc

On the hotel’s beachfront, two coconut palms grow almost parallel to the sand. I could’ve sat all day observing the simple things around me, sipping on cold mango juice and taking the occasional dip in the sea. The thing is, though, that the hotel’s chief receptionist, Mr Tuan is rich with knowledge and ideas about how to while away the time on this island. But there is no pressure. I just appreciate it when I’m kept well-informed of the activities and places of interest on offer. When I was feeling energetic, I took his advice to visit the pepper farms and the beautiful deserted star beach. He also directed and accompanied me to the night market for a taste of the local seafood. Good service is hard to find sometimes. Not here.

Thanh Kieu Resort - Phu Quoc

Established for around three years, no restaurant exists yet. This does not present any problems as the same plot of beachfront is occupied by the very casual Rainbow Bar. In the mornings, I just fell out of bed, wandered a few steps and ordered scrambled eggs on fresh round knots of bread. In the evenings, magnificent fresh seafood and tall cold bottles of beer were the perfect way to finish the day, whether it was an active one or a lazy one.

Thanh Kieu Resort - Phu Quoc

At night in bed, the fan whirs, the sea ebbs and flows and I think I must be dreaming. When I wake up, I realize it’s just another day in paradise.

Thanh Kieu Resort Coco Beach
100C/14 Tran Hung Dao Street
Duong Dong Town - Phu Quoc District
Mobile: 0919 707 576 - 0917 200 725
Email :


Anonymous said...

Hello. Me and my boyfriend are coming in Vietnam on 1.May. What are you suggesting for a "must see" in your country? What about Phu Quoc, is the weather ok now?
For every information thank you in advance.

Rhiannon said...

Looks like home... can't wait to get back! I can smell the coconut oil now! Hope it was fun.

Rachel Nguyen said...

I think this place looks fantastic. A must visit next time I am in Vietnam. Can you tell us the price?

I miss your beautiful country. Can't wait to get back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Do you think it's ok if I contact you when I am in Hanoi in August ?
Your kind suggestion and recommendation of place to stay, places to visit , foods, night life is greatly appreciated.
Thanks mate.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi all,
thanks for all comments. I was away in Quan Lan island for a week last week.
Anna, Phu Quoc is such a great place to be and yes, wild beaches are a huge advantage. The weather in Phu Quoc now is sunshine and a bit hot.
Rachel, I paid $27 but you may have to pay a bit more :)
Bunn, Yes, of course.

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to enjoy life. Hope you had a great week.Now you are back in Hanoi ? Pls let me know how do I contact you when I am in Hanoi.
Tks mate!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Bunn, my email address is

Anonymous said...

Tks mate.
Will get in touch with you via email.
Looking forward to your new post. Have a great week ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu. My name is Diem and I've spent
a few good hours today looking at your blog.I am a "saigoner" but was born in Hue, Viet Nam and currently living in Perth, Australia.I visited Phu Quoc island for the first time in February and loved the wild beaches there.I also love Nhatrang very much, it is my Vietnam home.I really enjoyed seeing your blog and boy,no doubt about your flair for photography! Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the feast!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Diem, Thanks

Anonymous said...



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