Saturday, June 09, 2007

Restaurants In Hue Part I

Hue seller

Hue people have a very special accent which is sweet and soft but a bit difficult to understand if you come from other areas. In Hue recently, there were many times that I had to ask for the locals to repeat themselves and I felt so embarrassed.

Am Phu - Hell restaurant

I love Hue food and people kept talking about the Am Phu restaurant where real traditional Hue food is sold. Well, we went there and they didn’t serve Hue food that evening at all. We tried some normal Vietnamese dishes anyway, but they were nothing special unfortunately. The man who ran the restaurant was a bit grumpy, too.


So, the next evening, we asked some Hue people about the real Hue food and they recommended the Ong Tao restaurant. After half an hour following crazy directions from a few different people, we ended up at the restaurant. It was the same result - that they only served normal Vietnamese food which is available all over the country. I asked the waiter why the restaurant had a sign advertising traditional Hue food. He said that they served boiled meat with shrimp sauce, and that’s the only one dish. Strange? We left this big empty two storey restaurant after ordering a drink and some peanuts. Still no Hue food!


I called the tour guide from our river tour and asked him about Hue food again. He told me that we should go to the Hue restaurant near the Ong Tao restaurant. We found the place and I asked the staff and they said they only serve Hue food during the afternoon. We wondered why they only sell their beautiful Hue traditional food during the day. We were disappointed about this situation and decided to just walk into any restaurant we saw along the street. Luckily, not long after, we found Lac Thien restaurant where they sell some traditional dishes. This is a really special restaurant which is run by a deaf family. It has been open for years and is very popular for both locals and tourists.

Tobe continued


bozco said...

Im a vietnamese living in US. Just wanted to say I like following your adventures in Vietnam. Hopefully I can go there some day.

junebee said...

Wow, how odd that it's so difficult to get Hue food in Hie.

Christina | said...


I just came across your blog and it's really great! I look forward to learning more about Vietnam from you in the future!

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Hi God,

Yeah, I also had problems with the Hue accent, not just understanding it but also to make myself understood. At the hotel where we went, I said: "My friend Tu (dau sac) made the reservation". But they could not find it until I said: "Tu (dau nang)".

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu. That banh khoai must be from Lac Thien on 6 Dinh Tien Hoang Street. It is mentioned here if you click on "Hue style crepes".


Van Cong Tu said...

Tam, yes, you are right.
Dinh, thanks
christina g, thanks. many more posts are coming.
Buddhist with an attitude, hehe but it's fun isnt it'?

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I love Vietnamese food so bad! everybody must taste it at least once in life.

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