Thursday, March 20, 2008


My friend's sister has just opened a small clothes shop at 49 Hang Bac street called Son Hai Silk in the old quarter. She was really busy yesterday and she asked me to take care of her shop for a few hours in the afternoon. I went there to help her and in the three hours at the shop, I saw so many frustrating things happen.

First of all there was a big fight between two young guys and two old men due to a motorbike accident. These young boys attacked the men who of course fought back causing one of the young boys to run away. The other one shouted at big time but the people around let him go. These boys thought they could knock these men down but they were wrong. Idiots of the day!!

Secondly I saw lots of Vietnamese customers walk in and try clothes and check out the materials and price and comment about my friend's shop. I recognized that they are from other shops around who wanted to come and look at the new shop and of course they didn't buy anything. The third weird thing was a couple near the shop had a fight with each other with all really rude swear words but this is just so common in Hanoi. They are just as famous for swearing as they are for singing a song.

In only three hours I had seen many funny and weird things happen but I couldn't help my friend sell a thing. I will come back another day with a DVD to watch or a book to read. But if I have this kind of entertainment next time, I won't need to!


Graham Holliday said...

Ha... I see life in Hanoi has not changed a bit since I lived there :) Thoroughly entertaining, but quite tiring when you actually live there... :)

Anonymous said...



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