Friday, August 22, 2008


Heavy rain and big storms in the last few weeks caused a big problem in northern Viet Nam especially around Lao Cai, which is the gateway to Sapa. Around 150 people died, 81 people were injured and 45 people are still missing, including lots of children. The non-stop rain continued for a few days and caused transportation to the area to be cut off. Many villages were completely cut off because of the flood waters. In Hanoi, Noi Bai international airport was closed for hours as well as the same reason.

The government is trying to help people in these areas by sending lots of personnel, army and local staff to solve the problem as well as food, money and clothing. Many government companies actually cut a day's salary to help them. I hope the assistance is enough and that those people manage to get back on their feet again.

These kinds of disasters happen every year in many parts of Vietnam. I wish everyone was better prepared for them.


Axiao said...

Hey there,

I was searching for information about Vietnam and I came upon your blog. Sorry to hear about the storms causing such big problem in Vietnam. But I hope all goes well now.

I'll be visiting Hanoi in October and hope can get more information from reading your blog. There's just too many to read. I guess I'll just start earlier. :)

I wish you will have an enjoyable trip to Greece.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu

It is so unfortunate for those lives damaged by the storm. Though I dont have much faith in the gorvernment I do hope the storm victims will get enough support from the whole country to get back on their feet again. With climate change nature is changing for worse, who knows whats waiting around the corner.God bless us all!)
Wish you a great trip in Greece. I am sure it is a wonderful place.

Anonymous said...

PS. all the best
Diem G- Perth

Anonymous said...



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