Monday, March 26, 2012

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I have just been to Hong Kong for the weekend. This is Hong Kong sevens rugby weekend so there are many tourists coming in just to watch few matches. I'm a big tennis fan but rugby is a game that me and most Vietnamese don't understand. So I took myself off to enjoy the geography of Hong Kong, wandering up the mountain by escalators then walking down to the harbor and around the streets is the best way to see Hong Kong. While most of the old buildings seem to have disappeared, the city is very much about buildings in general. In fact, sometimes it feels as if the sky has disappeared. The trams and buses also are things I love to see and photograph. I took so many photos of the beautiful old trams, which these days are covered with amazing advertising.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong of course is famous for food and I was lucky during my trip to eat Dim Sum at Maxim's Palace City Hall with my friend's cousin's family. It is the best place to eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong, a place which required us to queue for some time to get in. I walked out of there completely full. For the rest of the trip, I was eating on the street but it perhaps wasn't the best street food because I hadn't done much research about where to go. Next time I come back, I'm going to find out the best places.


In general, I think most people seem to come to Hong Kong for shopping. I've never seen so many shopping centers and specialist designer label shops in my life. And it is by no means cheap. I can't afford to shop like that. I was told that it's mostly the mainland Chinese coming for that kind of shopping.

Tu - Hong Kong

I would like to go back to Hong Kong for a longer vacation to get a better feel for the city, perhaps also to see the other islands and Macau. Thanks to Tracy very much for the great hospitality and for inviting me to stay in your lovely apartment.


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