Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A funny story about Tu and his Dad

My brother knew a priest and he wanted me to go to the Church to study the piano and listening to the priest Christian ideas. Yes, it was interesting and I was interested in for a while until my dad found out about me going there. He didn’t like the idea that we are a real communist family and not following any religion but I went there anyway. My father came to the church and chased me around with a branch he pulled off the tree out side the church try to hit me and force me to go home ignoring my explanation. Is that funny? I hope it won’t hurt my dad who passed away last 4 years ‘cause telling everybody about this. I also think he might be smiling in heaven knowing I am writing about this funny story, Thank god!!!


Anonymous said...

You say "thank God" and your father will be in heaven.
You are not a communist.
David Kha

Van Cong Tu said...

Kha, I know but I am a real communist.
On The Rebound,Thanks

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