Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Eulogy for Magpie

One day I felt like having a pet at home after my things including my motorbike were stolen from home. Following my staff from Wild Rice restaurant we checked out a few different places, and the last stop was Hang Da market. People showed me some dogs and my feeling was for Magpie and I bought him but I didn’t know that he had Worm Virus that was going to kill him in a very short time. I took him to 2 different hospitals, called a private doctor to come to my house to give him a special care. A week has gone very quickly and I finally had to send him to a very popular Vet in Hanoi called International Laboratory and Veterinary Services in Nghi Tam street. This was also the last place for him to stay over night, then he went to heaven. We got a call in the morning about his death, it was a shock for me! They told me he would be fine in 3 days in a very confident way. I don’t want to blame them but they were made me so happy and the bad thing came straight the next day. I and all my friends in Hanoi loved Magpie a lot. He was a really cool dog with cute face and great character.

We went to Cho Buoi- Grape fruit market to buy a new cute one. His name’s Misa, I hope he would stay with us forever, but he really can’t replace my Magpie.


Van Cong Tu said...

Yes, you are right. Thanks for your symbathy.

girlmauhong said...

your dog is cute. your english is better than my. I like your commentar and fotos of vietnam.

Vietnam travel agency said...

I love dogs, they are lovely.