Saturday, November 12, 2005

Floating Dead Fishes

These days, for some reason there are a lot of dead fishes floating in Truc Bach Lake. There are lots of people collecting the dead fishes. I really don't know their aim but with my thinking is that they are collecting them to make fish sauce or feed their animals or maybe they sell them at the market. You never know what would happen after you or your animals eat these fishes.

This is the result of people who have no consciousness of the effect their behavoiur can have on a beautiful lake. It's a sad and serious situation.


Anonymous said...

dead fish in a body of water usually indicates some sort of toxin in the water - perhaps the fish were poisoned by something in the water, so they are not safe to eat. i guess the people who gathered them are poor though and thought they could make some money or feed their families or animals with the fish?

pete, standing alone said...

Hi Vietnamese God. I have enjoyed reading your blog this past year. Vietnam mus be the most amazing place in the world and I love hearing about it from a person who actually know the country.

My wife and I would like to spend some time at a quiet resort near the beach. Can you recommend a place? My wife is Viet Kieu, so it is important we find a place where people will be nice to her. We have been in Vietnam many times before but have stayed in the cities most f the time.

If you have any recommendations, could you please email me? Thanks.

John Powers said...

Hello Godknows,

Just discovered your blog today and like it. Thanks.

Van Cong Tu said...

Pete - Check out my archives for info about Nha Trang, especially the Bao Dai Villas.
Are people not friendly? Why is that?

Kaunda - You're welcome!