Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Wedding

Kate, a writer from Stickyrice got married 3 days ago. Kate and Make have been my good friends for a year and a half. After we had party at Moon River a few months ago, they fell in love with this place and they decided to celebrate their important day here.

Everyone arrived at 3pm, wandering around the beauty of the gardens waiting for the ceremony. Finally, Kate arrived with her father and she looked gorgeous in a white long dress(Vietnamese ao dai). The celebrant made the speech and they exchanged rings, people started drinking and taking photos. The meal started at 6pm with over 13 choices which suited everyone, including the vegetarians.

After the meal, speeches were made by both fathers, the best man, then Mark and Kate. The speeches were funny and everyone laughed at what they said.

People toasted the happy couple after the speeches and wished them both a bright future, long life and happiness always.


Dan said...

A beautiful wedding!

Van Cong Tu said...

Yes, It was great and every one was happy