Friday, September 07, 2007

Young Sticky Rice “Che”

Young sticky rice

It's taken such a long time for me to post any food recipes from my last work place even though I'd saved lots of them draft form. I will restart sharing food recipes with everyone and hope you guys can make it at home as good as in the restaurant. Today I want to share one of the most popular northern sweet dishes which is called young sticky rice “Che”. "Che" in Vietnamese means tea but in English it's like a sweet consomme.

Young sticky rice cakes

People also use young sticky rice to make cakes and candy, to eat fresh or stir fried with seafood or meat as a main dish or mixed with flour to make a deep fried cake which is also really popular in Hanoi. Anyway, here is the recipe and hope you can follow it.

Dry or fresh young sticky rice: 100g
White sugar: 150g
Vanilla: 5g
Starch: 50g

Put 500 ml of water into a pot; bring it to the boil then put dry young sticky rice in; simmer until dry young sticky rice is soft. Add sugar then stir lightly until sugar turns into liquid. Put starch in and stir until the mixture is thick. Turn off the gas and sprinkle vanilla on, then mix thoroughly.

Che Com

This is such a great sweet for the winter because it's served hot, but you also can eat it with ice in hot weather. I prefer to eat it when it's hot then you can smell the great flavour from the young sticky rice. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I love reading everything you have to write about Vietnam, the food and culture. All of your pictures are beautiful and many, so delicious looking. I'm usually a silent reader, but I just wanted to comment today.

Unknown said...

Hi anh,

I'm making flyer for tet trung thu, and i remember the post ( when you visted Hoi An and with all the pretty lung deng, I was wondering if i could use that picture? Or if you have any picture tet trung thu related you could share with me?

Thanks :)

Btw, i love that you post alot of picture in your post!

Van Cong Tu said...

Ok, go ahead but please link under my photos.
Have a good day.
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