Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mobile Phone in Viet Nam

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are useful for both daily life and business and they connect people from here, there and everywhere. They can also be a waste as lots of people use them as a toy to annoy other people by making missed calls or sending loads of messages.

Mobile phone

Like many other Asian countries, Viet Nam is a developing country but Vietnamese people love to follow the fashion and the mobile phone is one example. Students, old ladies, even xich lo drivers and xe om(motorbike taxi)drivers have mobile phones, using them everywhere when they are driving or when drinking and eating. It's so annoying when people play with their ring tones or speak really so loudly that their friends could probably hear them across town without the phone!

Mobile phone

Some Vietnamese are so fashion-conscious that they make fun of people who use an old or cheap phone. It doesn't really matter as long as the phone does the job, right?

Mobile phone

There are thousands of mobile phone shops in Viet Nam and these shops are increasing daily like mushrooms appearing after the rain. Mobile phones aren't cheap at all but that doesn't stop young people from buying phones with the latest features like cameras or MP3s. The latest mobiles range from $300 to $1,500, and it surprises me that so many people can afford them even though they earn very low incomes. I only use a cheap one which costs about $50. It doesn't have an MP3 or camera and I am very happy with that. Lots of my friends and colleagues asked me why I don't change to a new one, but I think I only need it to call or message and this is a good mobile which my best friend gave me.

My phone

Heaps of people even borrow money to buy a new mobile just just so they can show off. I know lots of people like this and I've told them but they said to me that they like to be part of the mobile world and don't want to be behind the fashion and must be on the top always. Such a crazy idea, because I know how much they earn and they can't afford it. It takes them a few months to pay back the money.

Mobile phone

It's interesting watching groups of friends get together in cafes and they spend most of the time playing with their phones insteaad of talking to their friends. Crazy, don't you think? I wonder if it's the same in other countries.


FooDcrazEE said...

its everywhere in Asia dude....even here in staff earns abt 800 - 1,000 ringgit malaysia @RM3.70 = USD1 and yet they can afford to buy phones that cost abt RM1,500 - 3,000. I upgraded mine real slow and i only have an average phone as compared to most malaysian...thats life dude.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Same here in Canada. Not so much the playing with the phone part, but certainly the same need to have the latest model. You can also download free ringtones from the Internet and associate a specific song with a specific name on your phone, in order to tell who's calling you from the ringtone. Here, the problem is people talking on their cellphone (that's how we call mobile phone in North America)while driving, and causing accidents. But all in all, mobile phones are extremely useful and in some countries (like Cambodia, for example) where getting a conventional landline phone takes months of waiting and a lot of bribes, they are a democratic way of giving everybody a relatively cheap mean of communication.

Preya said...

I remember when I got my first mobile phone in 1997--it was a dorky Erikson. Then I upgraded to a Nokia banana, remember those? I think my last phone in Hanoi was a cute little Samsung, but actually, I never really cared about fashion either. I just wish they had voicemail!

sunkissed said...

Here in the Philippines a lot of Filipinos would go to great lengths just to own the latest model of mobile phone. That's why a lot of thieves snatch phones to re-sell to buyers. Consider the Philippines the Text Capital of the world! People here have all the time to text (send SMS) to everyone. I must admit, I couldn't imagine living my life without my mobile phone. The need to be connected is there. That's life!

Jade L Blackwater said...

I totally agree that the mobile phone trend (and the associated fashion statements) are out of control (and expensive)! Like you, I find it really annoying to hear people speaking loudly on their phones, and messing with ring tones.

Even more disturbing in America is the trend of people driving cars while talking on their mobile phones... it’s totally dangerous!!!!! :O


Even here in my Country, mobile phones are everywhere. Even domestic helpers have mobile phone. What pisses me are people using their mobile even when walking on streets. They are so busy texting someone they don't even bother to look where they're going. Also people talking on their mobile on public vehicles.

Chen said...

This happens everywhere :)
my handphone is very simple as well..
as long as can made and receive phone calls and send/receive sms, that is sufficient.. I don't use the other features, so I don't buy "complicated" phones.

Yeah, I have my seperate PDA (bought since 2003) to keep my appointments and schedules etc.

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

Same problem here in Hong Kong too - but mostly directed at the younger generation. But I'm seeing more and more of my younger friends losing interesting in the race to have the newest since they've finally found that it's pretty pointless.

junebee said...

Cellphones are cheap here in the U.S. Often you can get one free by signing up for two year's service.

Mine has a cameraphone but the pics are poor quality. When my contract's up perhaps I'll get one with a better camera in it and capable of downloading music too.

Crystal said...

Very good observation! I think a lot of people in the world are so fashion conscious and gadget-obsessed these days, and they don't care about going into debtto stay "trendy". It's not worth it to me, I don't want to mortgage my future and so usually I'm among the last to jump on the bandwagon as far as technology goes. I like technology, but often it can be a distraction and prevent people from forming real relationships. For example, young people prefer to play video games than to go outside and play with their friends, and that doesn't bode well for the future in my opinion.

chanchow said...

It's amazing how adults love to have new gadgets. Cell phones, digital cameras, palm pilots, etc. It's not only about function, but status too. I agree with you that it has become excessive. Gadgets are the equivalent of toys for adults-- you always want the newest toy, one that your friend doesn't have yet.

Anonymous said...

Same here in Japan. From primary school kids to elderlies are crazy for cell phones, some people may need them for security, but I think it is too much. Cell phones are becoming public nuisance rather than convienient tool. By the way, I am happy to find this vietnam-related blog.

Viamarie said...

I think it's every where. Nokia is the most sought model here in my country. Imagine even kids in Preparatory School owns one. It has become a necessity.

Anonymous said...

well, in SG. one reason why people change mobile phone becoz there are tempting trade-in available. that means you trade your 1 ~ 2 year old mobile for something new ... of coz high-tech chaser who insisted to have the latest & greatest

Tim Rice said...

I have never yet owned a cell phone and have no plans to own one. I don't like being accessible all the time. :)

black feline said...

now young girls back home want to be like Paris having a handphone is not good must be pink (like motorola latest) and some of them decorated their phones with bling bling beads..glued nicely onto them...and of course wireless and bluetooth makes it so cool..

Winn said...

seriously speaking, i know playin with handphones all the time is rude, but i cant live without my handphone:p haha.
well, i m into mobile messaging biz therefore i'm obsessed with sms!

but i m growing to hate sms lately. i find it so disturbing. i think it has got something to do with age! :(

Funkye said...

very true about the mobile phone article..

Thuy said...

How much does it cost a month to have mobile phone service? In America, people like that are called "keeping up with the Jones" and it's very common here too. They live in bigger house or drives fancy car even though they can't afford it.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks for all comments, I agree with you guys.
Thuy, If you have a contract, it costs about $5

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