Monday, October 30, 2006

Dzoan Cam Van

Dzoan rest

Cam Van is a well known name for most Vietnamese who work in hospitality because she has her own cooking show on TV and I decided to go to her place to try it when I was down south a while back.

Dzoan rest

As I expected, the food was delicious and well presented, the staff were really friendly and helpful. I tried quite a few different starters and I was really impressed about the flavours in the food. I also tried the most popular dish, the hot pot with seafood and beef, which was the highlight. Doan restaurant serves generous portions that are enough for at least two people and it's not expensive at all.

Dzoan rest

You can choose to sit inside with airconditioning or outside in the garden or at the back of the restaurant with fans, overlooking the foutain.

Dzoan rest

Check out at: 438 Vo Van Tan, District 5, Q3
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel : 84.8. 39291949/59


junebee said...

That soup looks delicious! You always find the nicest places to eat.

Writer and Nomad said...

so long since i've been by, but i am not disappointed as everything still looks mouth watering.

D. said...

That hot pot looks good - just enough for one, me!

What is with the name of the restaurant though? "Dzoan" - I didn't know that there are "z"'s in Vietnamese, or is it written so English readers can differentiate between "D" and "Đ?"

Anonymous said...

Dzoan is the correct spelling. It's her real name. She knows it's unique and different from the rest of Vietnamese names... it's the reason why she chose it to brand herself. Guess it makes great sense for her biz.


Anonymous said...

Hi anh Tu (right?). haven't stopped here for a while. Gladly your style still interests me. I'm currently having a "cool" project which i know you are definitely interested in. It's kinda hard to say in here, plus i'm still brainstorming, so if you have a chance, please get back to me.

keep up the good work

henno said...

Hey man, yeah I recently went to Dzoan's too (in Le Quy don Street) and was quite impressed. I wrote a review for SaigonInsideOut Magazine on Le Quy Don Street and it should be in there if you wanna check it out - it should be on the streets this week or the next.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks for all comments.
Thannks DVQ for the answer.
henno, I will check it out.

Invertir en Oro said...

She knows it's unique and different from the rest of Vietnamese names... it's the reason why she chose it to brand herself.

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Oh, i like food. Thank you!

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Unknown said...

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