Saturday, November 11, 2006

Banana Flower Salad

Dinh Lang Rest

Banana Flower Salad is one of the most popular cold salads throughout Viet Nam. This salad is not very difficult to prepare, and only needs about 15 minutes to prepare. Let's take a look at the recipe:

200 g of banana flower
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoons of salt
Juice of 2 lemons
1 teaspoons of chopped garlic
2 teaspoons of chopped chili
½ Cup of fresh basil
½ Cup of crushed peanuts
½ Lettuce
Mint & coriander to garnish

Shred the banana flower into thin strands in a food processor
Place in a mixing bowl and add the salt, sugar and lemon juice
Next add the garlic, chili and basil and continue mixing
Pluck off thin strips (1-2 CMS in length) and mix into the salad.
Arrange in a bowl with a little lettuce and garnish with mint & coriander.

Banana flower

Presenting the salad in a banana flower as in the top picture makes it look great, especially if it's a special occasion.


Preya said...

I love this salad...but it's hard to find banana flower here:(

Anonymous said...

nice looking salad. i think Vietnamese food is not much of a difference as we have here in the Philippines. in fact, some of my favorite dishes have banana flower in it. actually, it's banana flower with coconut milk and some spices.

BionicBuddha said...

Bananas + Flowers + Salad = 3 things I really like!!

henno said...

I had a banana salad at the Bamboo Restaurant (Cay Tre) here in Saigon, it looked beautiful, but it was incredibly spicy. I'm not one to frown upon spicy food, in fact I love it, but this was nearly inedible - it was like eating hellfire! Maybe they had made a mistake or is it usually served like this?

Thao said...

The Vietnamese have got to be one of the best saladers in the world :D

junebee said...

You should have a cooking show on Foodtv.

Jean said...

Hummmm , que cela semble bon !!!
J'ai déja mangé une salade comme celle ci à Hanoï .
C'était très très bon !!!!

Thuy said...

Beautiful salad.

shaz said...

hey tu. How have you been?

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks for all comments
Preya, really? I can send you some :)
shaz, I am fine thanks.
rayts, yes, you are right.
henno, usually it's not really spicy but you can ask for that.
Thao, I agree :)

Anonymous said...

Rayts said...
some of my favorite dishes have banana flower in it. actually, it's banana flower with coconut milk and some spices.
Rayts, could you please post ur above recipe, how do I make it the way you do in the above; I want it like yours, Philippine style, but I can't find a recepe, THANK You, American, Brad.

Anonymous said...

How would you prepare if you have a hole banana flower? Any tip, please. Adding some shrimp will be more tasty.

Anonymous said...

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Anna said...

We've just got back from Vietnam and love banana flower salad. I can't find that we can get hold of any in the UK, any ideas? Thanks

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Sanuki said...

It's a long time ago but in the recipe you wrote 'Pluck off thin strips (1-2 CMS in length)' thin strips of what? From where? Use fingers or chopsticks for plucking?
It's 16 degrees C here in Shikoku, Japan now so tomorrow I'll take the flower off a banana tree that never gets to make bananas & try the recipe.
I'm visiting Ho Chi Minh city & Phu Quoc middle of December with students. But you'll be in Hanoi, Singapore, Australia... right?

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