Monday, March 26, 2007

Useful Or Worthless


On my trip back to Nha Trang for Tet, my most disappointing moment was when I saw the cable car which connects Vinpearl Resort and Nha Trang City. I wonder why the local government allowed this project. It's also created big trouble for tourism now which is the main income for the city because the cable is not high enough for those 5 star cruiseships to dock in the port. Nha Trang port is an international port which, along with tourism, provides loads of jobs for locals but it seems that these jobs might be lost.

Cable car

It's difficult to compare 100,000 dong per person for a return trip from Nha Trang City to Vinpearl resort to the value of showing thousands of people from all over the world who travelled thousands of kms with star cruises to Viet Nam and willing to visit Nha Trang Bay. I am not talking about the money. I want to mention that Viet Nam now opens their doors to let people from over the world see how beautiful and friendly Vietnamese are. So, that cable car actually stops people who really want to see Nha Trang as it really is, how friendly people are and how great Nha Trang food is. I wonder why? I wonder where the cable car fees go?


I think they are ruining Nha Trang Bay which is one of the 29 best bays in the world, voted by World Heritage in 2003 and Nha Trang people are so proud of that. Nha Trang have tried so hard to make it beautiful and clean with a good atmosphere and maintain nature and beauty for those of us who love traveling, love to sit on white sandy beach and eat great fresh seafood and talk to nice friendly people. A lot of regular visitors to Nha Trang are very sad and upset about the appearance of the cable car which has ruined the whole bay's view. There are some local people who think that this new thing is modern, looks cool but this is just a really small percentage and I don't agree with them. Sorry!!! I wonder if the world heritage knows about this, about the ugliest and longest cable car. Please, please remove this ugly thing and give back Nha Trang as it used to be.


hieu902 said...

Xin Chao Anh Tu. It was great to meet you and your friends at LePub. Great blog ... you know you talk like an urban planner ... Hieu

Unknown said...

D'oh! I'm going this weekend so will check it out

D said...

Looks like the cables are up, when I was there, only the pillars and towers were up. Yes, I do agree, they are unsightly and spoiling the bay.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

I can't see the damage from the pictures but I will take your word for it. Too bad that, in any country, the authorities (at all levels) rarely listen to the people, unless there are violent protests.

By the way, the new look of your blog is great! I love it.

junebee said...

That's a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anh Tu:

It's new development since I left Vietnam 2 years ago. Nha Trang beach has always been rated the best in my mind.

Your blog is interesting and I always find new things in it eventhough I'd lived in Vietnam for 5 years and travelled all over the places like you.

From Singapore
Anh Tan

Anonymous said...

stop telling bullshit! 'bout the cable car! EVERYONE is welcome and can reach Nha Trang as the way they want!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hiall, thanks for all comments.
Buddhist with an attitude, the damage is they block the great view from the city and inconvience for other transportation.

Anh Tran, Thank you very much

Anonymous, I think you are talking shit now. This is my website and I can say anything I want to. I want to show people about the good and bad thing in Viet nam, If you don't like that, Please don't comeback and leave any rude comment.

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