Friday, April 13, 2007

Orchestra Show in Hanoi Opera House

Opera House, Tu, Eric, Gaylene, Mark

My friends and I went to the Hanoi Opera house for an Orchestra concert. It was really interesting but I think it's a bit too much for me who has no idea about classical music. But it was great and there were many artists from Hanoi, a conductor from Singapore, playing the music of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Richard Strauss and Antonon L.Dvorak. People seemed to enjoy the concert so much and the band played so well. I think I will go back again to widen my music tastes even though I love pop music, opera and country sometimes, rap and hip hop are my choices. I fell asleep twice and I felt so embarrased.

Opera House

The Opera House is such an amazing structure, built between 1857-74 and designed by Charles Garnier. This is one of the most popular places for wedding shots and tourist's stop also for some photos. In wedding season it's difficult to get a clear shot because there are so many grooms and brides waiting for their turn.

Opera house

The building is really a great example of the French style of architecture.


Crystal said...

I consider myself a pretty "cultured" person, but classical music is not my preference either, actually I've never been to an Opera yet! Vietnam seems pretty neat, in that there are still all these European influences alive, and that's cool that you're willing to stretch yourself and expand your tastes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu!

The only way to learn more about classical music is to listen to it regularly. Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven are good composers to start with, also Bach and Brahms. Take notes about what you like and don't like. Coming from rap and hip-hop, your ears will probably need some re-training, because most classical music is very different from these styles, but it is worth it, as it opens many more musical horizons to you.

There are many classical music radio stations that have online MP3 feeds of their broadcasts - this is less expensive than going to concerts, but you can't control what sorts of music you hear.

Falling asleep in the concert is fine, as long as you don't snore! :-)

Van Cong Tu said...

Crystal, Thanks I am trying my best :)
Gregb, Snore in classical concert is a good combination hehe. I hope I didnt snore:). I will try to follow your advice. Thanks said...

Quite effective information, thank you for your post.

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the orchestra show in Hanoi were awesome there's no doubt about it!