Sunday, November 18, 2007

Street Vendors

Street fruits

Street businesses are a unique part of Vietnamese culture. In the past, street businesses were a common way for poor people to earn an income and this is the same today. However, the local authorities in Hanoi are making it hard for street vendors to trade these days.

Fruits sellers

I think one of the reasons is there are too many people who come to Hanoi to do the same thing and sell the same stuff. Lots of people are selling hats, books, fruits, flowers, postcards and t-shirt on the streets, following tourists from one place to another to sell their things. It's not always pleasant and tourists can't enjoy their walking tour because they constantly have to refuse politely from these aggressive sellers. Lots of sellers I've talked said that if they don't hassle people they don't sell anything and they go home empty handed.

Fruits sellers

Two weeks ago, while I was eating duck eggs from a girl on the street, she suddenly ran away with her basket. A xe om called out that the police were on their way. If these sellers get caught, they lose their stuff and receive a fine. It's funny to watch the vendors rush away quickly when the police arrive. But everything's back to normal when the police men are gone. Eventually, the duck egg lady comes back and I finished my snack :) These sellers could be really good 100m athletes.

Street seller

Street vendors are a part of our culture and, even though they are a nuisance sometimes, they should be allowed to remain trading in the streets. Maybe the government should introduce a license to restrict their numbers though?


Anonymous said...

Tu oi, Your website is great. Your photos are amazing and i love your articles
Thanks for sharing us the culture of Viet Nam
Have a good day and keep up the great work

Van Cong Tu said...

Nga, Thanks for your comment.

Thuy said...

I have to agree with you on the street vendors being part of the culture of Vietnam. This is what make it so special. I LOVE seeing all the street vendors on the streets. This is how some people make a living, so if the govt shut them down, what else can they do? However, as a tourist, they are a nuisance. I had some that grabbed onto to my arms trying to sell me something. Also, when you go to the beach to have some peace and quiet, you don't want them to pester you. How else can you enjoy a vacation? People from the US like their "pesonal spaces".

Van Cong Tu said...

Thuy, Go to Nha Trang beach, people don't bother you when you sunbathe

Thuy said...

Thanks. Nha Trang is on my list the next time I get to go to Vietnam.

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