Monday, December 24, 2007

Saigon Dec 2007 - Part I

Fruit in Ho Chi Minh City

I always wake up a bit late on my holidays and it's no different today as I woke up at 11 Am. After a few minutes washing up, I started my day with a bowl of Saigon hu tieu. There's nothing better than that and a beautiful sunny day. I wandered around for a few hours before stopping at Sasa Cafe in Bui Vien Street for lunch.Walking the whole morning is hard work. The food isn't bad here with the high light being the spanish fried rice with chicken, seafood, sausage and vegetable, fresh spring rolls and cold beer. What I always notice in Saigon is the friendly service, which is one of the differences between the north and the south. In Hanoi, sometimes the service in restaurants can be not very welcoming.

Hoang Ty

Later in the day, my sister and her friends invited me to Hoang Ty restaurant for dinner. This is my favorite place in Saigon which serves great steamed fish and deep fried fish with lots of different vegetables and herbs, rolled in special Trang Bang rice paper. We ordered these dishes plus Cu Chi beef which was recommended because it was very tender like western beef. We also ordered boiled pork, crab and prawn noodle and pig feet noodles. It was enough food for a whole army and we couldn't actually finish it all.

Hoang Ty- Banh Trang Trang Bang Ca Loc

After dinner, we headed off to play tennis and we were all too full to play and not surprisingly, we couldn't move well to hit the ball!

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Hoang Ty.... ahhh...most jealous. Interesting to hear about the other dishes. I've only ever tried the banh trang phoi suong. Yum :)

Anonymous said...

a study shows that people tend to be more generous, courteous, friendly when the weather is nice (and vice versa). that conclusion is no brainer, I doubt not that many ancient or modern renaissance men would get out of their car to pick a dropped hat for a lady or give her a jumpstart in a chilly windy day. possbly self love prevents majority of them from acting chivalrously so. I think this same argument can be applicable for people in the North... as you know, the weather in the north is not always warm and rosy like in the South, so to some extent, their behavior is conditioned by the wintry weather in some level... yes blame it on the weather :)

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