Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saigon Dec, 2007 - Part II

Tu_ Cu Chi

While I was in the south, I took a day tour with Sinh Cafe to the Cu Chi tunnels and the Cao Dai temple. It cost me 80,000Vnd not including lunch. I was really impressed with the professional staff from the ticket sellers to the drivers and the tour guide. They were really helpful and sweet even though this is a cheap big tour group. The tour guide, Mr Truong, who is about 50 years old, is very funny, calm and full of interesting information about our destinations.

Workability International

We stopped over at a workshop called Workability International for 20 minutes to check out the charity organization that helps people who suffered disabilities during the war( lost arms, eyes..) They made beautiful products such as eggshell paintings and lacquerware. It's an example of a charity doing a good job giving people skills to earn a living.

Cao Dai Temple

After a ninety minute bus journey, we arrived at the Cao Dai Temple. This is a really interesting place with a unique structure and interesting history. The building is an interesting mix of Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu architecture.

Cu Chi tunnel (8)

After the first half day visit Cao Dai Temple, we continued our trip to Cu Chi tunnels where the tour showed us how Vietnamese soldiers lived deep underground during the war. Everyone on the tour tried to go through the 60 metre tunnel but I didn't because I did it last time. There was an old couple from the US on the tour and they were surprised to see all of the very simple guns, narrow tunnels and the man said "That's why we lost". The whole group laughed out loud.

Cu Chi tunnel (18)

The people on the tour were very friendly, the guide was very helpful and sweet . Thank you very much for a good day.

To be continued


Anonymous said...

Cao Dai temple photo is so beautiful. That's the place i always want to go. Thank you so much for your sharing. Please keep up your great work.

julia said...

Have seen photos of the temple. It is bizarre and amazing, interesting post, thanks