Thursday, February 21, 2008

My good friend's Wedding

Xuan Cong and Thanh Hao

Cong, one of my good friends from Hanoi decided to get married 3 weeks ago, just before Tet. My friends and I hired a car and went to his wedding in Thai Binh, a small province near Hanoi. It took us over three hours to get there due to the crazy traffic and the pre spring rain. This weather is pretty good for young married couples - the cold and rain means they will have more time together inside the house :).

Cong's Wedding (6)

Finally, we got to the bride's house in Nam Dinh for the celebration. Everybody was expecting us as my friend had mentioned to them that some of his western friends were coming with me. This maybe was the first time some of these villagers had ever seen westerners before and they were all staring, talking about them and touching my western friend's arms. It was really fun and we didn't expect that many people in the party. They were dancing, drinking tea and eating watermelon seeds. The ceremony included relatives of my friend's wife giving her money, jewellery and making speeches. There were lots of old people in very old traditional dresses who looked really nice and they were very friendly.

Boiled chicken

We stayed at the bride's house for twenty minutes until the ceremony finished. Then my friend and his family took her to his house in a very nicely decorated car. We all followed that car and headed to Thai Binh for another set of speeches then party time. We lost the group because our driver was driving so slowly and couldn't follow them. We had to make many phone calls and asked people on the street for thirty minutes and eventually Cong had to sent his friend to meet us on the main road. Anyway, we got there and after twenty minutes we started our meal. We were served cat meat, pork, beef, chicken, squid, crab, dear, sticky rice, shrimp and fresh fruit. It was really a treat as all the food was yummy and had been well prepared by his friends and family.

Cong's Wedding

Cong and his wife looked so happy and they smiled the whole time and, especially in their eyes, we could tell it was true love. We all wish them happiness and a great future. Thank you for inviting us to join such a great party. Also thanks to your families and friends who have treated us so sweetly and provided such great food. All the best from Vietnamese God and his friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, It's very interesting about wedding in countryside that it's really different to wedding in the US. Best wishes to your friends.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Cat meat!!?!!?! :-(

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Buddhist with an attitude, Cat meat is the most famous dish in Thai Binh province. It tastes similar to chicken and rabbit, quite nice !
Thanks Karen.