Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hanoi Summer

Hoang Kiem Lake

Summer in Hanoi is coming bringing with it a variety of fantastic colour in the form of flowers. The temperature is also on the rise especially in the noon time on the motorbike with a heavy helmet on. Damn hot!

Hoang Kiem Lake

Wandering around Hoan Kiem lake on these days reveals the beauty of the city. The mixture of red, purple, white and green colors in the landscape makes the lake like a beautiful painting. That's why people love Hanoi so much.


Hanoians are sitting around Truc Bach lake, too, drinking and eating til late at night during summer. Finding a cool breeze is a priority and the lakeside is a good bet. Sometimes though, the street police men come and most street businesses disappear, leaving customers standing with their plates or glasses. Once the police are gone, everything returns to normal. It's a funny scene!


Ana Maria B said...

I found your blog trough a comment you made in the blog off a friend off mine.
You made me wish to visit Viet Nam, it seems so beautifull!
When I was young Vietnam was equal to war, bomb, horrible things...
I hope that people now, can be happy and make the country grow well. With wisedom. Don't let mass tourism destroy it.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures!!!

Rachel Nguyen said...

I saw that same crazy scene in Da Lat. The police would show up, the vendors would totally disappear and then, when the cops left, everything resumed... back to normal. It was amazing for this foreigner to see.

I love the pictures of the trees. They are beautiful.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Great pictures, Vietnamese God!!

Rhiannon said...

I miss this so much! I'll be back one day... maybe to live again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu,
We miss Viet Nam and miss you. Wow, I didn't know the trees surrounding Hoan Kiem lake were flower trees when we there last winter. Wish I can come back to Ha Noi in the summer.
I didn't write to you lately because I've been so busy(and Andrew is not the person who likes to write, but he said "Hi" to you).
Chi Lam Cam

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks for all comments,
Anna maria b, yes Vietnam is a beautiful country and peaceful. We don't think about the past and looking forward to a great future.
Lam cam, Good being busy tho, hope to see you next year!!

Vietnam travel agency said...

I love Hanoi Summer. Hanoi beautiful...