Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Helmets in Hanoi


It seems so funny to be writing about helmets again just six months after their introduction into law. Some interesting trends have developed . I want to talk about the modern helmet that Vietnamese designed from the origional to a new style as cap, some of them look like a bowl and some other with really wierd style with variety of colors.


It maybe rumour but I think it's going to happen that the government will not allow the modern style of helmet and some not qualify. As many magazines has mentioned in newspaper that only around 30% helmet that secure and on standard in the whole Vietnam. It's truly dangerous if you think about in that 70% of bad quality helmet would kill many people? Another word, that most people in Hanoi love fashion and they don't really care about their lives and as some of my friends told me that wearing the origional helmet style which may turn they look silly and ruin their hair styles. Some people don't want to spend lots of money on helmet because they think they will not catch any accidents. They wear the helmet just to complete their duties on the road which is a really silly idea. Those helmets aren't cheap at all but some chinese helmets are dirt cheap around $3. I don't think that is a good idea but my thinking is not the same as other people thinking as they more concern about their look then their future.


Lots of people wearing helmets without tide the strap and I saw many helmets flowing in the air or fall on the street and also lots of people die because of the same reason or bad quality helmets. Think about our great future and it's truly worth to buy a good helmet for our own secure.


Anonymous said...

i love your blog....keep up good works. nice to visit your blog...:D

Anonymous said...

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FooDcrazEE said...

lolz . . . . .same as in Malaysia dude . . .just to conform the law . . .

jhabevs said...

This is interesting and informative! I didn't know helmets are now mandatory in some Asian countries. :D

Rachel Nguyen said...

I got quite a kick out of the fancy helmet decorations in Vietnam. I loved the little brims you could buy to add onto a traditional helmet. They make them look sort of like a sun hat.

I agree, though, that fashion at the expense of safety is very bad.

Thuy said...

I used to work at a hospital specializing in brain and spinal cord injury. It's very important to wear helmets.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thannks for all comments

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I use your helmet picture for my post? http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3044/2548667354_2333a37279.jpg

I will link back to your blog, of course.

I'm writing a similar article.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was travelling in Vientnam for a month, it's few days ago and I'm still excited, it was really nice.
And I'd like to ask you about the helmets. I agree with you, it's not very secure for motorbiking, but I ride a horse and sometimes I'm going only to slowly walk and I speculate, helmet or cap? And I think this should be good compromise of both, but here I can't find shop with something like this. Please, do you know about some online shop?
Thank you for answer and have a nice day.
Barbora (bfortova@email.cz)

Van Cong Tu said...

Michael, Ok
Barbora : sorry I don't know