Friday, January 16, 2009



On the way back from Greece, we stopped in Bangkok for a couple of days. After the long flight, I felt exhausted and took a nap in the hotel before having a bowl of Thai noodle soup from a lady on the street near the hotel. In my jet-lagged condition, I remember saying it was one of the best noodle soups I'd had.


We started our new day in Bangkok by booking a floating market tour for the next day and going for a spot of shopping at the big plazas. We took the Skytrain and I immediately noticed how Thai people generally obey the rules for queuing and on the roads much better than we do in Vietnam.


When we reached the Siam shopping centre food court, a funny coincidence occurred. There I was, standing at the Thai food stand, which was next to the Vietnamese one on one side and the Greek one on the other. Pretty strange considering we were in Thailand after a trip to Greece but on the way to Hanoi, Vietnam!


Bangkok is a big city, noisy, polluted and full of eye-opening sights, especially around the PatPong area! Of course, there are lots of things to see and do in Bangkok but it's just like any other big capital city in the world. What makes it unique is the sweet local people. An example of this is the kind old gentleman who acted as our tour guide to the floating market and the Royal Palace.


All in all, our two day stopover in Bangkok was a nice way to get used to the timezone.


Zoom Le said...

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend 1.5 months backpacking around Thailand with some friends. Why do some foreigners come to this country and never leave? Because Thailand is a gorgeous country, plus, Thais know how to make visitors feel like superstars.:) Thailand is the land of smiles. Thais are laid-back, good natural people whose legendary hospitality has earned their country a permanent place on the global travel map. Like Vietnam, no matter where you go in Thailand, food is never far away...

PS: love your first pic

Anonymous said...

I love the last and the first photo. I Love Thai noodles as well.

AmyAn said...

Hey, Mr., FYI that the food court you in is inside MBK mall.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks guys. I love that food too

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Unknown said...

I like your post. Thank you!