Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visa For Australia Trip

Going back to Australia is so exciting as there is still so much more to discover. It is such a huge country and it is pointless to go there for just a few weeks. I hope I can see more of the beauty of Australia.


Today I went to IOM, an agency which processes all visa applications in Hanoi, to apply for the visa for my trip. Everything seemed to go well except there was a heavy storm and I didn't bring enough money. Luckily, another applicant lent me the rest to pay the fee before I ran down stairs and down a few blocks to withdraw money to pay her back. I was so thankful for her generosity. Thank god she helped me or I would have had to go back the next day. I hope my visa will be available in two weeks. Wish me luck guys!!!


foodhoe said...

wow lucky you! how long then will you be traveling?

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks. I am going to Australia only for 5 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu

Good luck with your visa I am sure it will be fine. I am in Perth if you need a contact. I have also been thinking of a trip to Melbourne and Queensland.


Van Cong Tu said...

Thank Diem

Aarya said...

waiting to see the Australian snaps soon

Chester Cool said...

Visa processing is very fast in the Australian embassy nowadays, so you will probably be able to get it within that two weeks. One thing that you need to remember is to contact the embassy or the agency regularly for updates on your application. Also check out the websites for additional instructions for you.

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durga said...

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