Thursday, October 01, 2009

Accidents Avoidable!!!!!

Cau Vuot

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To reduce traffic accidents in Hanoi, the local council has been investing money in local road infrastructure. Underground tunnels and overpasses are being built to ease traffic congestion and safety for crossing the street but local people don't use these useful and safe ways. It seems they prefer to walk across the chaotic streets even though the dangers are always great.

Cau Vuot

This is not my photo

I'm glad to see the fast and positive changes in Hanoi in the fast few years. But also I wish people would pay more attention to rules as it not only affects them but other people as well. It's tragic and disappointing to see people die everyday on the roads here for mostly avoidable reasons.


Anonymous said...

Why people keep doing silly thing? I don't think they about their life which is bad

Siran said...

Old habits die hard... Do you think the government should do some campaigns to raise safety awareness? Especially after it has invested so much into infrastructure such as the overhead bridge. It's such a waste that people don't use it!

Applecart T. said...

Maybe they are too "lazy" (or actually disabled in some way) to go up the stairs? Is there a lift at all? I only thought Americans were interested in finding the easy route (faster to go across traffic … )

What would happen if the government took the pedestrian crossing lines out of the street? People might change habits EVENTUALLY : )

Anonymous said...

They should give out tickets to jaywalkers like they do in the States. Then may be people will start learning obey traffic laws.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks guys for commenting on my blog