Sunday, February 07, 2010

Street Snails


I was walking through the old quarter yesterday and saw so many young people sitting along Dinh Liet street eating snails. I have to say that snails have never been on my list of must eat things as I had trouble a few years ago when I ate some snails at the Old Man restaurant in To Ngoc Van street in West Lake. I had a stomach upset for 3 days in the row after eating snails on that occasion.


I told myself that I shouldn't look but I actually did look and wanted to try them again. I ordered two bowls of two different kinds and also asked the waitress to give me lots of ginger and chiili. These snails don't actually have any special flavors at all but the dipping sauce which includes fish sauce, ginger, chilli and lemon is what makes the dish special. While I was sitting there trying to finish the two bowls I occupied myself by watching people walk past and by taking photos of this dish. I hoped that eating lots of ginger and chilli would help to protect my stomach. By now, after 24 hours, I am still ok and I wouldn't mind going back again. If you have lots of time to spend, this is such a good place as it's cheap and a great location.


Anonymous said...

I love snails and I will try this place. Is that Oc Mit?

Mai said...

It looks delicious....oh, how I miss Vietnamese street food!

schiehallion said...

Stupid question from an obviously ignorant European: Why would you want to eat food that actually has no particular taste? If it is all about fish sauce, lemon and chilli - then you could have used just plain bread or noodles.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. it look so good, wish i can have some too!