Friday, April 23, 2010

Demolition Workers


I am sure many Vietnamese and westerners have seen these activities many times. A few days ago, from my bathroom window I noticed (and heard!) that something was happening.
The beautiful old house with the amazing garden behind us was being knocked down and will be soon replaced by two tall houses. I couldn't believe that the whole big two storey house was demolished by only six workers in just two days. There are two men and two women whose job it is to transfer waste from the house, including plants and rocks, by push cart. In between, the remaining two men continue to knock down the rest of the house and try to take all the cement around the old bricks so that they can be re-used to build new houses. I wonder if it's safe to re-use these old bricks which have been used for over 15 years?


During lunch time, they eat on the ground and sleep on the top of the old bricks. Some of them play with their mobile phones and chat with friends, the rest try to take a short nap before getting back to hard work again. I am not sure how much they earn, maybe not much but they don't really look tired or unhappy. One of them realized that I was taking their photos and they hide their faces but two of the women were laughing out loud.


It's really good to see these hard workers laughing. It's not an easy or well-paid job. I wish them all the best of health, luck and happiness.


Grizzly said...

How old was the house being demolished? I hope it's not one that's of cultural value. Too many such are destroyed all over in the desire for 'modern' tall buildings that end up being completely unsympathetic to the locale.

Mai said...

Like your post and how sweet, compassionate you are! Aww.

Smoked Recipes said...

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