Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saigon, July 2010


I'm in Saigon for a few days before taking some members of my family to Bangkok for a short vacation. The weather in Saigon is a bit different to Hanoi but I like Saigon as it always cool from 4pm which is much better. At the moment it's rainy season which helps keep temperatures down a bit.

Fresh spring rolls

Yesterday, when I wandering around the market in the afternnon when I realised my Iphone had gone. I'm very upset with myself for not being more careful with my bag. Normally in Hanoi I know exactly what's going an around me and where my phone is. I just lost concentration for a second and it was gone!

Saigon beer and duck eggs

I'm trying not to let this incident ruin my holiday but it's hard. After trying to call the phone a few times I gave up and went back to the hotel. Later in the evening I went out for some snacks, including duck eggs and crabs with tamarind sauce. This made me feel better but I'm still thinking about the phone.

Fruit seller

I was trying to take few photos of the food but I couldn't get them in focus, which I hate. There must have been something wrong with me at the time. I decided to walk back to the hotel for an early night. The next day I returned and had more success taking photos of the food. I really love eating from this old lady who has quite a striking face. She is quite a character, smoking, swearing and laughing with all of her customers. She rocks everybody who comes to her stall.

Noodles with pork / Hu Tiu

I also went to my favorite Hu Tiu vendor for breakfast. It was great to see she remembered me and what I normally order as extras such as fresh beanshoots, a bit more dried onion... The only thing that she doesn't know is that I don't eat lots of meat and noodles now because I am trying to loose some weight and workout on my belly. Anyway, I went back to her shop for every breakfast and the day I left early for Bangkok, I got up extra early for another serve of noodles.

A smile and a wave from her was a great start to my trip.


Anonymous said...

OH, sorry about your lost. Iphone expensive in Vietnam? Hope you have a nice time in Bangkok

Sarah said...

Sorry about your phone. :-(

Are those the duck eggs where you eat the duck fetuses? My fiance always talks about those, but they're very hard to find in the US.

Anonymous said...

Bastards they are. Enjoy Thailand and show us more beautiful photos.

Jaclyn said...

sorry to hear about your phone! :/
PS: I enjoy your blog! I'm a second-generation vietnamese-american, who is experiencing Vietnam for the first time in a week:) it's nice for me to read your posts, as it fuels my excitement

Sarah: you can find duck eggs at most vietnamese supermarkets in the US-- my family eats them quite often:)

~TastyTravels~ said...

Sorry you lost your phone. Bummers! The food looks so yummy! I'm hoping to make it to your beautiful country soon!

VCVCVC said...

Anyone try VN Clam noodle in District 1. While touring the famous Ngoc Hoang temple, there was some guys who was distributing a restaurant flyer and we went there after that. Only about 3 mins walk. Wow, the noodle soup really tastes great and they have lots of nice dishes with clams, mushrooms. worth a try.

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Nath said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Regards from Hilton Orly Hotels. Keep with the good work.

krizza said...

Hi there! My first time to visit your blog. Is Hanoi not safe for travelers? As in, we really have to be cautious about our things?

Lovely blog!



Anonymous said...

I recently 'lost' my iphone (after having less than 2 mos). THEN I found out about MobileMe...it's mac software that will GPS your phone's location ~ or if it's really gone, remotely delete all private info. I wish I had known about it B4 i lost my phone. Am waiting for the iphone 5 (due in June) to replace & will def get MM. Forewarned is forearmed.

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