Friday, July 29, 2011

Nha Trang - Wedding

Huyen's wedding

I went back to Nha Trang to attend my cousin Huyen's wedding. that was the main purpose and the other reason was to take my mother, sister and my niece on a short trip to visit Siem Riep. I'm always happy to be at home with my family and also to visit old friends.

Phong - Thao - Huyen - Van

I have been to so many weddings before, mostly in the north and they are celebrated differently compared to the south. Anyhow, I like to see the ceremony of gift giving between the parents to their children and their relatives as well. Everyone loves posing for photos and sometimes I had to be patient as it takes a little while just putting the earings or necklace on the bride.

Huyen's wedding

In the evening, everyone went to the hotel reception centre for dinner and the main wedding celebration including opening champagne and cuting the 5 storey cake. There was entertainment on the stage while people were eating and the MC also asked if anyone would like to come up to the stage and sing a song to congratulate the young couple. My nephews from Lam Dong and Hanoi came up and sang 3 songs, even Huyen's father - Mr Hop came up and sang 2 songs. It was so funny !!!!


The wedding was very well organized by the reception centre though the entertainment was a bit over the top at times. They served very delicious food and the staff were really helpful. Everyone had a great time at the wedding and we finished at 9pm. While the other guests went home, my mother, my sister, my niece and I went to the railway station to catch a late night train to Saigon before the morning flight to Siem Riep. More on that later.
Congratulations to Huyen and Tuan, all the best for your future happiness.


Henry said...

cháu đẹp trai nhất trong 4 người ^^

Anonymous said...

Congratulating to your family. She's so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It sounds fun.
Happy ending.
Have a great trip

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!!! Very well writing in English for a Vietnamese citizen

Anonymous said...

Huyen nhin Xinh Qua. Ca Van va Thao cung rat duyen dang. Mr Viet Nam Phong nhin cung ok nhung chieu cao hoi khiem ton :)

Anonymous said...

I lOve the way you mentioned that people came up the stage and sings their songs, very interesting

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Congratulations to you. You look so handsome on the wedding day. Wish you live happily forever with your wife. said...

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