Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dinh Lang Restaurant

Dinh Lang Rest

This is a quite well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi which is especially popular with visiting Vietnamese and other Asian tourists. It has a good range of dishes and drinks but the price is a bit over the top and the service's not the best.

Dinh Lang Rest

Located right next to the Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Hanoi, it has wonderful views over the lake to Ngoc Son temple. There are lots of tour groups coming to this place because of its location, the presentation of the food and the traditional music. The food highlights when I was there were the pork in clay pot and the banana flower salad (pictured above).

Dinh Lang Rest

Signs and rules in Viet Nam are meant to be broken. Look at the above picture. It says that proper attire is required, no shorts or T-shirts. It's hilarious, isn't it?

Dinh Lang Thuy Ta Restaurant
First floor 1 Le Thai To Street
Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.8286290
Fax: 84.4.8255265
Open daily: Lunch 10.30Am-14.00Pm
Dinner: 17.30Pm-22.00Pm


..·:.**.:·..HomY_n_JunE..·:.**.:·.. said...

OMG, Thanks for the info,sounds interesting :)
I'll go to Ha Noi for the first time this summer. That's why, I'm searching for some good restaurants where I can try my favourite dishes miam xD
Have fun then.

shaz said...

Hi tu. I'm off to saigon tomorrow morning! Can't wait! Chat with you again. shaz

junebee said...

Judging by the costumed waiter and the rich interior, you would think the food would be quite good.

chanchow said...

What kind of outfit is that waiter wearing? Doesn't look Vietnamese at all.

Lizard said...

I went to that restaurant in 2002!

Some of the food were nice, but the problem was that the english translation weren't clear - for example, Pork with Cashews - on the Vietnamese side, it said "heo cât...(etc)" and I puzzled over the cât word, but ordered the dish anyway, and I was halfway through it when I realised it was actually liver - my first organ dish, and it wasn't too bad, so I finished it!

I eventually found out that cât means liver! I was much more careful in selecting my meals for the rest of my trip! o^_^o

PS Love your blog.

kyh said...

wow...nice pics! hmm...i love vietnam~ it has a distinctive asian flavour with a touch of French flair~ good~ ^-^

April said...

nice photos as always. and the proper attire sign is really funny.

black feline said...

My friend,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to u! Thank u for a great year of reading your blog..keep up the good work!

afriend said...

I really miss your posts. You are doing such an important job letting us all know about everyday life in Vietnam. When are you going to post again?

JLB said...

Greetings! It looks delicious here as always. :)

consise10 said...

Mmmm your blogs have such visually stunning platters of yummy delights and delicaciesThe indian restaurant food looks amazing....I have to watch my food intake at this time of year I always end up over eating and with a sore belly!

But all that aside I dropped by to wish you and your family a very

***Merry Christmas***

and and even better and more joyus

***Happy New Year***

May all your dreams hopes and desires all come to fruition in the near new year 2007

Kelvin said...

Hello & Seasons Greetings from down under in New Zealand. I hope all your xmas wishes came true - if not there's always next xmas.
All the very best !!!

black feline said...


Happy New Year to you! and come back soon...we miss u!

Kelvin said...

Me - again !!! Just wanted to wish you all the very best for the New Year. Hope you have a good one, Tu. Must catch up with you some time & talk on vid-cam, but I'll leave my end off (hehe) Take care.

Preya said...

Miss you lots--come back! Happy New Year.

Monika said...

Happy New Year GK! Wow, that salad looks good...

kyh said...

happy new yr!

where r the updates? pls return quickly ya!

consise10 said...

Mmm Looks delicious ..and about the rules...don`t we all break those for a quick buck? Very very funny indeed Godknows!

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Godknows said...

Hi all, Thanks for all comments. Happy New year guys!!! said...

This can't work in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.

Đăng Quang said...

I like "Dinh Lang Restaurant". It is a restaurant unique.