Thursday, January 11, 2007

Soft Shell Crab In Sweet and Sour Sauce

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry but I've been lazy and I've been travelling. Wishing you guys a great new year in 2007 with lots of luck, happiness and health. Today, I'm giving you one of the most popular dishes which appears many restaurants in Hanoi. It's called soft shell crab in sweet and sour sauce. This is a delicious dish which you can eat for either a main course or as a starter and it's also very easy to make it yourself at home. Please, take a good look the following recipe. Hope you guys can make it as good as in the restaurant. Sorry for the picture which I took without the sauce.

Wild Rice

Soft Shell crab: 400g
Egg: 1 egg
Sugar: 10g
Starch: 100g
Green pepper: 50 g
Tomato: 300g
Potato: 100 g
Carrot: 50g
Cooking oil: 200g
Chicken Powder: 2 teaspoon
Garlic: 5g

How to make:
- Wash crab thoroughly, drains well.
- Whisk the egg well also. Put crab in to this mixture then put it into starch until starch stick well onto the whole crab.
- Pour cooking oil into a pan bring to a boil, put prepared crab in fry until crab turn into brown color.

Sweet & sour sauce:
- Wash tomato thoroughly then chop finely
- Green pepper, tomato, carrot cut into small cubes (0.5 cm)
- Garlic chops finely.
- Pour cooking oil into a saucepan; bring to a boil, put garlic in and stir until garlic turn into brown color with nice smell. Pour prepared tomato in, put chicken powder & sugar in (enough for your taste)
- Put all prepared green pepper, potato, and carrot in; stir for 3 minutes then pour onto crab. Served hot.


John J. Goddard said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I guess the holidays kept you busy. Glad to see you posting again, my friend. Soft shell crabs are one of my favorites.

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John J. Goddard

junebee said...

Glad to see you back, Tu. I remember you quit your job so I thought maybe you didn't have money to go to the Internet cafe.

Thinkingvn said...

My favorite starter. Welcome back.

Writer and Nomad said...

i just wnated to let you know that my old blog is no more. this is APRIL. i've changed my blog name to "Writer and Nomad".

Monika said...


I'm going to attempt to make it on Sunday. I'll let you know how it went!

Preya said...

Mmmm, wish I could get soft-shell crabs here, but there's no ocean nearby and they need to consumed within a few days of molting, so...

Hope you're well:)

David Kha said...

Hi Tu... Love your recipe and will try to make next week.
Enjoy cyber-chat with you few times a month. Hope to see you in Hanoi soon.
Take care.

D said...

Hi there,

I just came back from Vietnam and am blogging about the food on my foodblog as well. I wished I found your page before I went but then again, there's always a second, third and fourth time eh? Luckily I did go with a Vietnamese friend so I hoped that the food I ate was somewhat authentic.

Cheers and keep up the blogging!

D said...

Hey mate,

Thanks for dropping by too. Yes, I remembered that Nha Trang is your hometown! Another coastal town I went to was Vungtau, I liked that area too. Update us on where you'll be so next time when I'm in Vietnam, I can look you up =). I do cook as well so occasionally a recipe or two pops up in my blog. I did my version of stuffed chicken wings after being inspired from eating it in a Vietnamese restaurant in Australia. Is this an authentic dish? I didn't see it when I was in Vietnam. Anyway my recipe for those are here:

Take care and all the best with this new chapter in your life =D


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