Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sex Via Internet

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The Internet is a very popular and useful tool which is needed in this modern life. Lots of people use the internet at home or at internet cafes. Lots of Vietnamese people can now afford laptops and sometimes they bring their own laptops to cafes to use instead of using the public computers. Besides the positive benefits that can be seen daily, people reading the lastest news, paying their bills and so on, there are problems too. It may not be new for western countries but sex on the internet is getting popular in big cities in Viet Nam.

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Some young girls who are lazy or have problems with their families, study or reationships spend a lot of time selling themselves on the internet. After days stuck at internet cafes without any money plus big bills, they advertise to try to find some guys who can afford to pay them. Young men get online to chat with them, attracted by their very sexy and welcoming nicknames. They show their faces and other parts on webcam, and then exchange their internet cafe's addresses. After paying their internet bills and taking them out for drink and a meal, the night ends in a hotel with free sex. Some of these girls are from very rich families but like to play, but only with young handsome and rich boys. Of course, most families have no idea about this behaviour and think their children are perfect.


Besides the hundreds of girls who have this kind of trouble with money, there are lots of cheating groups with very young and beautiful girls and boys about 16 to 22 years old, who operate various scams that sometimes end in violence.


Also, the percentage of prostitutes who use the internet to operate their 'business' is very high. They have ads with their mobile numbers. Anyway, what can be done to stop this kind of really bad crime which is affecting our next generation?


Anonymous said...

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thong said...

By all means, I am not a public policy analyst but I can guarantee this - Vietnam will not be able to solve this issue by criminalizing it. I would have to argue that this arising trend is caused by many factors: access to education, well-paying jobs, well-paying jobs without having to work so many hours, etc. Sex as an occupation, as detested as it is, is undeniably an (unfortunate) industry. If it looks to be dealt with effectively, it has to be approached from all angles considerable and cannot be simplified. If it is simplified, like it is in America, prostitution, sex as an industry, is a problem that has amplified. Let's look to the Netherlands, shall we?

tuan said...

Hi God, an intereating topic and something I'm wondering...
1. Could the girls show their boobs and "other parts" (I don't know what they are) like the girl in the picture at an internet cafe (known as a public place)? I don't think so. Or internet cafes have isolated rooms and one person in one room while using internet? That could be an invention in Vietnam, huh?
2. Paying some thousands dong for the internet bills (10 or 30 or 50 or 100 thousands; couldn't be that much!) and some food and drink to get free sex? Huh, that's much easier than I thought. If so, I could do that too.
But partly, I agree with you that "Sex via internet" is happening here.

Anonymous said...

Life goes on, in the West protecting minors is just an evolving reaction against the sex industry.

Sex is a versatile issues that can be applied to any sort of deviant behaviour wasn't there a time when foreigners like taiwanese,hongkongers etc were here for sex?

apply social engineering like Singapore and you wont' get the HYSTeria that the West somtimes has.

junebee said...

The genie is out of the lamp, metaphorically. We can't take it back. In the U.S., the Internet is prime hunting ground of people who want to have sex with children and teenagers who want to meet adults. We have to be so careful as parents.

black feline said...

in Dubai...most such sites are blocked..however,the blocking mechanism blocks even sites such as flickr...etc crazy!

schiehallion said...

I would make a distinction here. Sex for minors and young adults (say below 18) should not be encouraged or fostered through the internet.
However sex (even as a business) of "grown up" adults may it be "just for fun" or to fill your wallet would not justify for a criminal offence. Why should it do so? As long as organised crime is staying out of such activities (and I guess that is the real challenge here) an individual should be allowed to do over the internet what he or she wants to do.
Overall this goes hand in hand with freedom of speech and democratic values, something (which I sadly have to say) in which Vietnam should still take some "school lessons".

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Talmar said...

Oh my hell, grow up. Its here, you wanted it, its the pain you have to deal with. Sex will sell and it always will. No matter how much you are willing to discard it the boobs will flash, the pussy will wet and, the girls will kiss each other. Get over it. Move on.

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