Monday, May 21, 2007

Architecture in Hue


I fell in love with Hue again recently. The feeling of history is so strong there with so many really old houses in the city and along the Huong River. There are now quite a few modern houses around but the good thing I saw was that people try to maintain the old houses and structures. There are some houses and historical temples in need of renovation and the government should invest money to help the community in Hue to do it.


We loved riding around the Hue streets taking photos of the streets, which are so green and nice. But I was also quite shocked by how many ugly houses built in the city center, even really big hotels which have appeared which has ruined the character of Hue a bit. Some of these houses and their color really do not suit this historical city. I saw green houses, pink houses in between the beautiful old houses or between old French villas. They look strange and really stand out. I wonder if the local planners worry about this?

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junebee said...

In the U.S., you have to get a building permit and the building has to fit the character of the area around it. This helps prevent oddly colored buildings popping up in historic sections. Is there no such law in Vietnam?

The title is funny, becaause in English "hue" means "color". And the buildings in Hue are painted some strange hues!

I was wondering where you learned English. Your English is so good.