Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Countryside Weddings

Tuyet's wedding

I have attended many of my friends' weddings in the countryside and I realized that, in the north, the wedding meals always start from 10am and some times, in some families, at 9am depending on where they live. It's quite funny because most people in the west would consider that to be breakfast time. When attending these weddings, we have to leave Hanoi very early in the morning to be there on time. At these weddings, it's common to stay there for one hour, eat all the food, drink all the rice wine, get pissed then piss off. Sounds not pleasant but it really is pleasant and fun and I love it.

Tuyet's wedding

The atmosphere of these weddings is really great, warm and special. The neighbors come and help the family out by cooking, decorating the home, talking to people and some of them sing and dance as well. It's so cool. Most of these couples are quite young, from 18 to 25 years old and they sometimes look a bit funny in wedding dresses. Also, it's quite normal for the brides to be a bit pregnant so the weddings have to be rushed so that they still look okay in their wedding dresses.

Tuyet's wedding

The food at countryside weddings is always different to other weddings in the city because they use so much MSG, salt and sugar. In different areas, they serve their own special dishes such as cat, dog, rat and buffalo meat but they don't tell you at the beginning. They wait until the end of the party. I have eaten these meats before and they are really tasty but I wouldn't try if I had known. A warning note is: if you have a weak stomach, do not go into the kitchen because you may be surprised at their cooking methods. Most of the food that they cook is near the floor and it's not like a normal kitchen. Some people take a pill before they go to countryside weddings as their stomachs are not so strong.

Tuyet's wedding

If you have a chance to go this kind of wedding, go for it and enjoy the great atmosphere, try to be a local and try all the food and you can experience real northern Vietnamese culture.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tu,
Are you having fun on your holiday?

We're the infamous "Trang An hotel's victims" you mentioned on previous blog "Making Bookings in Hanoi." We are just back to the states. Sorry for not reading this specific blog while we were in VN. Yeap, that night, 11/21/07, was a nightmare. We were shock to learn Trang An hotel sold out our room when we arrived there at 12:20AM. We asked the driver (who picked us up at the airport)to take us around looking for another hotel. Until 1:30AM, we could not find any room so we had to come back to Trang An, then they said they found a room for us for $40 in another hotel. The next morning I found out the room was only $25 . How could a hotel make money on you after selling out your room and sending you on the streets for hours after midmight looking for rooms?

But through this we found a beautiful side of the hearted driver Ta Anh Phuong, who was driving us around to look for a hotel without asking for extra money. He put our need above his business. He saw how devastated we were by that time.

And we found you, Tu, as a wonderful, fun, generous, and caring friend, who is giving more than receiving. We forever owe you.

A & A

Anonymous said...

BTW, Tu, you look better in the real life than in the picture you posted here :-)

A & A

Wayne "Douglas" Greene said...

I like reading your blog because your English is very good. What country were you raised in? That was a cute comment about brides often being a "bit" pregnant. I always thought a woman was either 100% pregnant or not at all. Hi hi hi.

P.S. I live in Phan Thiết.

Thuy said...

It would be cool to go to a countryside wedding, but I don't think my stomach can handle the food. Would it be consider rude I was a guest at such wedding and did not eat?

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