Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuyet's Wedding

Tuyet's wedding

I was invited by one of my ex-colleague, Tuyet, to her wedding in Hung Yen, a small country town 60kms away from Hanoi. After almost an hour by car, we arrived at her house to a really warm welcome from her family who sent us straight to the table to try their food. Remember, it's 10Am. The food was all ready !!!!.

Tuyet's wedding

I wanted to take a few minutes break to check out the local area to take some photos first. I talked to a few people about the area, the local food and the girl. When I took the camera out, many people came to ask me to take their photo and most of them were old people. It was really funny and sweet. I love that because I feel like I am at home and these people seem like my relatives.They are such sweet people, they helped Tuyet to organise her wedding the night before.

Tuyet's wedding

They killed a pig, a small dear, ducks and chickens and they made some special cakes for the wedding. It was a real community effort. So much food, though, but thank god there was no cat meat, dog meat or buffalo meat this time. The food was really good even though there was so much MSG, which I could taste very clearly. Even though it was quite early, the rice wine was always filled up after each toast and my friends were drunk after a few glasses because this homemade wine was much stronger than the stuff they normally drink in the city.

Tuyet's wedding

We had a great time, everything seemed perfect. Thanks Tuyet for inviting us to your special and important day. Congratulations and I wish you all the best for your future happiness.


Anonymous said...


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Christ said...

I was reading your blog since a couple of months but never left any comment before.
So this is the opportunity to compliment you on your writings.
it is good to have another point of view of Vietnam beside our own.

By reading this billet, i was wondering what "MSG" stands for.

Godknows said...

MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate

Christ said...

aka "bot ngoc" ; i was not so sure.

rooseveltkuhn said...

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