Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Athens, Kalimera


My dream has came true and I am now in Athens, Greece. A country with history and holy stories. Athens nowadays is such a modern city with a great public transportation system. There are so many options for tourists to choose from local bus to MRT.... Every single day I found a new thing in this city and I have learned alot.

Tu in Greece

One of the funniest things was that my first breakfast in Athens was vanilla ice cream. Do you believe that? I couldn't believe that I ate ice cream either.


It's a bit like our trip in general, actually. We didn't make any plans for it, we have just been going with the flow and everyday is a surprise. Athens...the ruins...the's all a surprise for someone from Vietnam.


Anyway, on our first night we stayed at Marble House, a small pension hotel close to the public transport system and a short walk to Athen's main attraction, the Acropolis. It was in a really quiet neighbourhood. The lady who welcomed us was a Greek American and she told us all the information about Athens and what we needed to do. After checking in, we walked up to the amazing Acropolis but the weather was a bit stormy and wet so we decided to come back the next day. We also arranged to meet Angeliki, my friend's friend from Athens.


I think I'm in love this city. There are so many things to check out and the food is so good but one thing that I need to be concerned about is things are expensive here and they use Euro, not Dong like in Vietnam:) I need to calm down to everything because I have 4 and a half weeks to go. I hope I can check out everything and show everyone about it

Tobe continued


Anonymous said...

Athens is a place that I always want to go. Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos especially the first one. Greetings from Greek people

Nicole said...

Wow your pictures are amazing. You should post them on a new travel site I found That is funny that you ate ice cream for breakfast. Is that typical or something you just did?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu
Great photos of amazing Greece..enjoy enjoy enjoy!! I'm very happy for you

Diem - Perth

Van Cong Tu said...

I don't usually eat ice cream in the morning :)

Anonymous said...






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