Wednesday, October 01, 2008



We took a local bus and it took us around 4 hours to arrive in Delphi. This town in the mountains next to Athens has stunning views of the Gulf of Patras. Walking up and down the town only takes 30 minutes but every corner and every alley has something to look at and wonder about. Luckily we are travelling in low season so things are cheaper here, especially hotels. We checked in at the Olympic Hotel, a really friendly family run hotel with an absolutely great view down the mountain from our balcony. Loved it. We could see most of Delphi and the sun came in the window to say hello, waking us up at 7 am. Nik, the owner gave us helpful information about this town and its history.

Tu - Delphi

We started our walking down to the ruins after breakfast. The ruins here consist of Ancient Delphi and the Sanctuary of Apollo, which are located on the hillside. There is also a great museum which I passed and now regret as my friends told me it was a beautiful museum. We spent about 2 hours there before heading to the Sanctuary of Athena, which is a 7 minute walk. We had a good talk to an old man named Christopher. He was really funny. We talked about everything, about Greece and about Delphi as he was born here and lived most his life here.


We continued our venture to the next town after we walked back to Delphi, had some souvlaki for lunch then took a bus to Avahora. It's another pretty small town, which is actually a ski resort in winter, with lots of small shops selling most types of Greek souvenirs. It's great and the people around here are very friendly. We returned to our hotel after our long walk around town, for dinner, which included another Greek salad with lots of cheese and olives which is my favorite.

More soon....


Anonymous said...

Hi there,We're going to Greece next month and appreciated your information. thanks for sharing.
Akio from Japan

Anonymous said...

Salad and cheese, lucky you. Wish I can have it now

Applecart T. said...

I'm so glad you are there!
Thank you for sharing these photos. I think "everyone knows what Greece looks like," since it is in so many books – but your "eye" is excellent and has shown me a new place.
I'm studying ancient Greek art in school right now, so it's particularly nice to see these pics.
Enjoy your vacation.

Van Cong Tu said...

Thank you very much for commenting on my blog

Anonymous said...






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