Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hania - Crete


Talking about Hania brings back memories of a beautiful old town with lots of amazingly gorgeous old restaurants, shops and cafes. We only stayed in Hania for a day to wonder as we had arrived early in the morning but we couldn't find a hotel or guesthouse as they only open from 8 or 9 am. I was disappointed about that but that's the way it is.


We had such a lovely day in Hania, wandering around the old Venetian town, enjoying the cobbled streets, great shops and the atmosphere. We met some interesting people, including restaurant touts, Chinese salesmen with toy parrots that repeat everything you say and some very smooth talking jewellery shop proprietors. All different people with different stories and they seemed to know about everything around us. As I was travelling with 2 Australian friends originally from Melbourne, we met lots of the locals with connections there. Melbourne has a large Greek population due to large amounts of post-WWII migration. Most of the people we talked to have some relatives or friends who are living in Melbourne. Some even lived there themselves before returning to Greece to retire.


Hania city looks like a multi-coloured painting. In every corner, you can see and find something different and you actually can learn from it. Most of their restaurants are located in the ruins of old venetian buildings with open roofs and amazing decor. Of course the prices were pretty amazing, too!

I think, I would comeback here if I have a chance as Hania is such a gorgeous place.

Ps: I can't upload any photos from Hania as I lost them all due to virus attack on my hard drive.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your photos. Maybe that's the reason why you should comeback your favorite place.
Great post
Thien Kim - USA

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks Kim. I think so