Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot Hot Hot


Hanoi these days is so hot plus the high humidity makes the temperature feel even worse. I couldn't be bothered cooking tonight even though I went into the market this afternoon. I decided to go to beer hoi near my place to have a few beers and eat something before going home to do my home work. I have been studying academic English at ACET for a week so far and it takes most of my time at school and at home. It's good to keep updated with the language as I am not a native speaker.

Beers deliver

Drinking cold beer on such hot days is great. I can totally feel where the beer goes. It sounds like I am an alcoholic but I do like drinking beer or white wine especially in summer. Food in the beer hoi was ok and reasonable and beer is cheap. We only paid 150,000Vnd for two people.

Hoi An Beach

The beers tasted even sweeter as I just got my visa for Australia and my trip will take place in the second week of October for 5 weeks. Really looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Beer in hot day? Yes!!!I love Beer Hoi very much. We usually go to Bia Hai Xom near the Opera house. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bia Hai Xom is good and all of my friends go there often after playing football.

Anonymous said...

I was drinking Bia Hoi in the old quarter corner when I was there 5months ago. Beer is not good but that's a good place to be.

Anna from Russia

Geotacs said...

yeah! great idea having a cold beer on a hot day!

ncie blog you have and your English is way cool!

keep up with the English studies mate!


Ken Looi said...

Hi, I’m Ken here. Currently my company is jointly-organizing a FREE concert dedicated to all Vietnamese in Malaysia. Do you guys have any idea where I can find them? Through blog, forums, newspapers, streets, or etc. Please recommend. Thanks.

Vietnam tours said...

Right, It is indispensable in summer