Thursday, August 20, 2009

Speeding Bush

It's amazing what you can see on the roads in Hanoi. Lastweekend, while I was driving along the dyke road toward the old quarter for lunch, I saw a huge green pile of vegetation about 5 metres high moving along the road in the distance. From behind, you couldn't even see a vehicle. As I got closer it became clear that it wasn't a moving tree. It was a truck full of tree branches which were kind of sweeping the road sending heaps of dust and leaves into the eyes of everyone behind it.

Finally, I got my photograph and got the hell away from it. I could imagine that somewhere down the road the whole lot would fall off and cause a big traffic accident. There are laws about what can be transported on trucks and motorbikes in Hanoi but there doesn't seem to be much action to control it.

I lost my photos for this article


Unknown said...

I need to see the photo in order to understand this.

Mai said...

Too bad you lost the photo but while I was in Vietnam, it was amazing to see how much cargo people managed to pile on a motorbike.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Great blog. I enjoy your posts :)

Were you born in Hanoi?

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Vietnamesesummer,I was born in Nha Trang :0