Monday, February 15, 2010

Thai Restaurant ( Vincom Tower)

Thoai, Hien, Trang, Thanh, Tu

My friends invited me to have dinner at a Thai restaurant in Vincom Tower a few weeks ago. It was the weekend and it was really crowded, full of smoke and noisy. We could hardly hear our conversation unless we spoke very loud, almost shouting.

Mango salad

We ordered chicken soup, prawn soup, mango salad, stir fried mixed vegetables, french fries, stir fried corn and finished with a hot pot. We always order too much and we couldn't finish all of the food. I really like the mango salad as the mango was very fresh and a bit spicy and the rest of our food wasn't too bad but they use a bit too much coconut milk in the soups.

Prawn soup

Like many Vietnamese, my friends didn't enjoy that much as they thought it was too spicy, sweet and fatty. They were right about some of that but I tried to explain to them about Thai food always being spicy. We didn't have a good time and I don't think I would recommend this restaurant to anyone as there are plenty of nice Thai restaurants in town which are not that expensive. We spent over 1.7 million dong on our meal for 5 of us which is about $95.


Anonymous said...

1.7 mil for that meal is very expensive. I think you can get better food and more options in Thai restaurants on Ly Thuong Kiet steet. Nice photos

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu

Diem here. Been a while..hope you are well.
Gorgeous pics as always. Last time we spoke I was in Nhatrang, I stayed there for a month,had a great time. Then beautiful Hue for two months.I was in Phu Quoc only briefly a week just before Tet I loved it though, now back in Saigon again and flying out of the country on the 27 this month (hu hu)..back to my home base in perth , work, commitments. Glad you had a good time in Ozz. Keep posting great Vietnam news and photos!!

Will keep in touch.


D said...

Happy Tet!!!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Diem, I will be in Saigon on friday 19, Would you like to meet up for a drink? Pls email and let me know

Happy Tet everyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blogg.. are you going to be around Saigon at the end of this month? 1st time there and would appreciate a couple of leads for good restaurants.


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Tuan, Thanks. I will be there tomorrow for 2 days.
Happy Tet!!!

schiehallion said...

Are Thai restaurants usually run by Thais? Or is it managed by Vietnamese owners? Here in Germany a lot of "Asian" restaurants (Thai, Chinese) are actually run by Vietnamese managers. Cheers, Marco

A. Rizzi said...

béo quá! cay quá. đắt!

In HCM there's a few decent Thai restaurants, you should try the golden elephant. Order the Pad Siew- stir-fried noodles but not so spicy or rich like the curries. The south is where all the good grub's at!! said...

It cannot really have success, I suppose so.