Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Shoot

Arno and Anne

My friends Anne and Arno are leaving Vietnam for good after nearly 10 years here. They are moving to Bangladesh. I think it must have been truly hard for them to leave though. But life goes on and they are both still quite young and full of energy. I'm kind of sad and happy with their choice as I know it will be good for their careers.

Anne and Arno

Just before they left Hanoi, Anne mentioned something about doing a photo shoot around Hanoi, like the Vietnamese wedding studios do. For fun. So I offered to help them to make it happen as a gift.


On the Monday before they left, we mapped out a few locations around Hanoi and set off. Being summer, the lotus flowers were out so we thought that could be the theme of the photo shoot. They would look brilliant in the photos. We took shots around the West Lake lotus ponds and on the bamboo boat and in amongst the lotus petals being harvested to flavour tea. I coached Anne a bit to act it up and in the end she was so great. I was really impressed.


After that, we went to the road where many of Hanoi's flower sellers set up shop and we made sure to get the crazy traffic in the background. Because she's been living here so long, Anne wasn't scared at all standing in the middle of the road. She momentarily became a professional super model. We were having such fun!


Before moving on to Hoan Kiem Lake, we stopped at Anne's favorite pagoda in town. Unfortunately it was closed but we spent some time outside the pagoda and the pictures worked out very well. Anyway, we stopped at Hoan Kiem Lake for about 30 minutes to take some shots of the old gate then moved up to the Huc Bridge where most young Vietnamese take their pre- wedding photos.

Anne and ArnoWe had such a great, fun day and the photos turned out very well. We wish you luck in Bangladesh. I very much appreciated your compan over the past years and keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

You took Beautiful photos here. Welcome back and keep up the great work
Have you ever heard about Banh Khot in the south? It's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

These are not only beautiful but also meaningful photos. Wish your friends luck in the future. ANd I hope someday you can organize a tour like this, "Hanoi Photo Tour". Keep going on, you have done a very good job!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos. You are such a legend of a photographer!!!
Must return to Vietnam in the near future.liz

Anonymous said...

That is unforgetable moment of all,the scenery, people and the soul are combined perfectly .

Henry said...

hopefully someday I'll be travel Hanoi

Anonymous said...

She looks amazing in these photos. It seems she is a professional model. Great job!!!!
Le Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Anne and Arno look amazing!!!! I love Anne's photos. Vietnamese God took great photos as usual!!!

Vietnam tours said...

Now, posing with photos at Hanoi West lake with lotus flowers is a trend in the young generation of Hanoians. I think your photos are so great, so are the posers, hehe.

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