Sunday, July 31, 2011

Steamed Prawns In Coconut Juice

Steamed Prawns in Coconut juice

I think seafood a pretty popular choice for the most of the world's population. And for me prawns are the most special as we can cook it in so many ways. I usually cook seafood according to my best friend's recommendations; her family owns a well-known seafood restaurant in Nha Trang called Gio ("Wind") at 86 Tran Phu Street.

Steamed Prawns in Coconut juice

Yesterday, after a morning street food tour with my clients, I stopped by my regular seafood shop at the Nghi Tam market to buy some prawns for dinner. I decided to cook steamed prawns with coconut juice for dinner. This is one of my favorite dish and not very difficult to make, only needing a few minutes to cook. I got the recipe from my friend in Nha Trang. Let me know what you think.
Ingredients: Coconut juice, prawns, garlic
Boil the coconut juice, add the garlic (lightly mashed) and prawns for about 7 minutes.
Serve it with mixed salt, pepper, chili and lemon.
Don't forget to have a glass of white wine or beer when you enjoy this delicious and healthy prawn dish.


Anonymous said...

Seafood in Nha Trang is cheaper and nicer than in Haiphong. my friends and I went to Halong and seafood was very expensive and they cooked different.
I usually cook prawns with beer and i do prefer the taste of it. anyhow, this is very good too
thank you

Anonymous said...

They look delicious. I will try this out this week. Thanks for sharing. Look for more great recipes

Anonymous said...

Very interesting way to cook. I will give it a go sometimes in the future. I usually boil in water and also heard people mentioning about steamed with beer.
Thank you for sharing the tip

Anonymous said...

It look so yummy!!!!
Great to have you back :)

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I must try this out for my family can taste it.

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Steamed prawned is so delicious. However, I like to eat them right near the sea, so that they the freshest.

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