Tuesday, July 26, 2005

All New and Great

One of the new restaurant that everyone wants to come now is Wild Lotus, If you just look from outside it likes other restaurant because of a very simple doors with nice stairs go up and floating flower around the reception hall. But when you get into the 2nd floor then your eyes will rolling around non-stop, because of the great decoration with many small special details that you can’t imagine that how the Vietnamese owners can make it as great as it is.
Yes, people call Wild Lotus a new destination for their rendezvous in the evening not only because it’s special, but also because of the nice, friendly staff. Drink and food menus are great. There are some Amazing dishes from which to choose including the following.

For vegetarians, select from Mixed vegetables salad with mushrooms for starter, tempura Cauliflowers, Sauteed seasonal vegetables with garlic for main course.

And for the non vegetarians you can try out Sweet corn & leek soup with crab & coriander dumpling, deep fried spring rolls “Trieu Chau” style, Water spinach salad with star fruit & prawns for starters. For main course you should order pan-fried Nha Trang seabass served with mango & glass noodles salad, Roasted Duck roll in pancake with onion and cucumber, Sauteed mushroom with grilled pork loin, dried chilli & cashew nuts.

To finish off, why not choose some Vietnamese black sticky rice with Thai custard & vanila ice- cream or Sticky rice dumpling with ginger sauce for your dessert.

Wild Lotus owners are trying so hard to make as many new dishes from everywhere in Vietnam as they can almost every month just to satisfy the customers. Some dishes are new and maybe some of the customers cannot get used to them, so that they might not be happy with the food but most people seemed to be pleased.

Please check out Wild Lotus and leave comments in my blog about what you think. Your comments will help other people know about this great dining restaurant. It’s hard to believe that there is such a great amazing beautiful restaurant in Hanoi-Viet Nam, a small developing country. Wild Lotus would not be out of place in Paris or any great food city in the world.

Moon River, about 3km from Chuong Duong Bridge by the Red River, is a place that people willing to go and relax. This is not because it’s been in a show on CNN or because of how beautiful or great the food is. It’s because of the traditional and classic Vietnamese design. Moon River consists of the old house and the garden and 4 guests rooms that took over 2 years to be built. This is a really amazing place, and no wonder the owners are so proud of it.

You can organize a big party for about 200 people or small special dinners from 4 people. You can experience a great peaceful atmosphere. The breeze blows through the restaurant from the river, a fresh country smell that will make your meal memorable. You also can celebrate your wedding or birthday here but it might cost you a bit. It’s worth it just for the beautiful amazing flower decorations, table settings, and of course the food is just delicious.

Start your meal with Shark Fin Soup and Prawn and Banana Fried Spring Rolls, Pan-fried Young Tofu, Fresh Spring Rolls, Saigonese Crepe Cakes, Lotus Stem salad, Grilled King Prawn with Chili & Lemongrass, Crispy Soft Shell Crab in a combination plate. For the main course, consider Steamed Barramundi with Lime Sauce, Pan-fried Eggplant with Peppered Fish Sauce or Stir-fried Bok Choy with Tofu.

If you can fit in dessert, try Sweet Consommé of Longan or Creme Caramel.

The owners do the decorating themselves, because they want to do the best for the customers, to make them satisfied and feel at home. Do not hesitate to ask Mr Thinh or Mrs Trinh for your special request if the staff can’t make you happy?

It will cost you about $100 per night for a double room including breakfast.

You can come here by boat, by car or motorbike.

All you need to do is fax or email them 2 weeks in advance to make a reservation at Moon River. Or contact Wild Rice which is part of the same company.

Wild Lotus
52 Nguyen Du- Hanoi
(84). 04. 9439342
Fax: (84). 04. 9439341

Moon River
Bac Cau- Xa Ngoc Thuy
Gia Lam - Hanoi
(84). 04. 8711658

Wild Rice
6 Ngo Thi Nham- Hanoi
(84). 04. 9438896
Fax: (84). 04. 9436299


Kelvin said...

God doesn't know !!! Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I really like your blog. It just happened to "pop" up !!! I'll be back...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu - Wild Rice, MMMMMMM
have the portions got bigger?
Love you blog, congratulations.
MJE's dad

Anonymous said...

Hi Fuchi,
Thanks for your comment. Please give me your email address so that i can send you an email for further information.
Regards, Tu

zecarlosteixeira . said...

I´m planning a trip to Asia next year and your blog was very helpful to me, cause show interesting things and places in Vietnam. Keep updating your blog.
Carlos Teixeira - Portugal

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi aromas,
If you come to Hanoi, contact me Ok

Anonymous said...

Eating "Shark Fin soup" is really bad for the environment. I am sure that you do know about it. If I was you I would discouraged people from eating "Shark Fin soup" instead of listed on the blog. You should educated Vietnamese people while you're in VN to protect our environment. Everything else is so good on your blog, i really like it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your review of Wild Lotus. Can you please tell me the names of the owners and chefs of Wild Lotus/ Wild Rice? Many thanks.Please send e-mail reply to: richardpcovington@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

hi tu
thanks for the post, do you have any suggestion for nice place to visit, im planning a offsite retreat this may for my client and im looking at interesting spots for shopping n spa .

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