Saturday, July 23, 2005

Why people choose Wild Rice for the last meal before leaving Hanoi?

All you can get from Wild Rice restaurant is the best service and great food. This is one of the best dining restaurants in Viet Nam, which is voted by local and global magazines.

Wild Rice has been open for 3 years but for more than 2 years its been the number one in Viet Nam and 60th best restaurant in the world. This is not the only reason that makes it busy all the time, also its the excellent food and the atmosphere. If you come for a formal meeting, they will set up a formal setting but if you come for a party then they will give you a really surprising table setting with gorgeous flowers that the owners do themselves- Mrs Trinh, Mr Thinh and Mr Hoài. He’s the one who has such amazing special ideas about flower layout.

If you want to have your dinner or lunch in a more traditional atmosphere then choose your table inside the old French house. These tables look nice, luxurious and warm against the pinky-brown walls and amazing works of art(pictured above).

The other room that I am going to mention is the room that will make your dinner just different as if you were sitting in New York or somewhere really modern but with bamboo plants outside, fire place and glass walls around looking through to the garden. It’s called the Bamboo bar(pictured left).

You should choose some green papaya and prawns salad and spring rolls which are Vietnamese standards and great tasting for your starter. Then you might order some grilled tuna in banana leaves, some sauteed prawns with peanut and tamarind sauce. And if you don’t mind poultry, then try grilled chicken with chilli and lemon grass or Pan-fried Duck with Pate and Green Pepper Sauce. But don’t forget to order the really special dish called Crispy Soft Shell Crab. Stir fried Morning glory with garlic or Braised Eggplant with Pork, vegetable and Spices is a good choice for your veggies.

Grilled tuna in banana leaves

There are heaps of choices for Vegetarians such as Mushroom Soup, Vegetarian Fresh Spring rolls (Tofu, Carrot & Mushroom) or Cauliflower Soup for starters. Mushroom and Tofu in ClayPot or Stir-fried Egg-noodle with Mushroom are good for main courses.

If you are a big dessert fan then try out the Young Baby Corn “Che” or Young Sticky Rice”Che” or Grilled Banana with Yogurt & Orange Juice Sauce. Ice cream is good here too.

I know westerners do not like to be bothered too frequently by waiters. At Wild Rice, staff are well trained, friendly and respect customers personal space.

You had better make a reservation in advance or you might have to wait for an hour for your table.

Wild Rice

6 Ngo Thi Nham - Hanoi


Fax : (84). 04 .9436299

Email :

Open for Lunch from 11 Am and Dinner from 6 Pm


Anonymous said...

hi anh Tu,
Anh co the doi cai anh trong French house sang anh khac khong?
Trong anh day khong duoc dep va phu hop voi may cai anh duoi anh ah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu
Was nice to take yet another visitor to WR for a last dinner in Hanoi and it was a great meal.
Congratulations on your blog page. Intersting to read and I am VERY impressed with your English. Well done. PK

Anonymous said...

Hi Viet God,
Im making a trip to Hanoi for the first time this Saturday (3rd Dec) and was just surfing around for nice places to eat. So glad to chance upon your blog. Im definitely going to Wild rice. Great pictures.
Shaz (from Singapore)

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Shaz,
Thanks, don't forget ask Tu, see ya.

junebee said...

Looks very, very elegant!

Anonymous said...

Comparing to Wild Lotus which one has better food?

Van Cong Tu said...

Be honest, I love both restaurants but Wild Rice is more popular now for tour companies and Wild Lotus is one of the most popular restaurant in Hanoi as it's just gorgoeus and good service, food is very good now.
Lots of people I know complained so much about Wild Rice, about service and food.
You know what I mean huh ?

Sam said...

wow - looks amazing!

Sam said...

Wow - looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu, where is wild lotus?

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