Sunday, December 11, 2005

First Post At Global Voices

I have been invited to write for Global Voices on a weekly basis as a volunteer blogger, which I'm very excited about. I know it won't be as easy as writing my own blog but your encouragement is an enormous support. Anyway, check out my first post over there Southeast Asian Games!. Global Voices is a fantastic perspective on issues and events around the world and how bloggers respond to them.


Unknown said...

Wow, congratulations!!! But don't you get caught up with your new, fun, and interesting job with Harvard people and forget all about us over here, ok? I'll still be looking forward to read your writting ;)
Cheers man,
P/s: Quick question: do you write upon request? 'cause i miss Hanoi's night so much; especially when winter is coming. You know, a young couble on an old bike, holding to each other tight to get away from the freezing cold; students enjoying grilled Indian corn (ngo nuong) after their late night extra classes; or a few workers gathering around our traditional noodle soups (pho) on the street, talking and laughing together despite of their long hard day... The wind blows hard, yet there is always something so warm, so familiar about it. It keeps Hanoians connected. It keeps me connected...
Man, i'd give anything to come back to Hanoi this winter... :(

layered said...

Chúc mừng -- Congratulations! You have a gift for writing, and the more places we can read your stories, the better.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes with the Global Voices mob. It's one of the more interesting blog projects out there. esp. after last weekend's mammoth online lOndon thing. Well done.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi, Thanks for suporting me, because of your comments and your coming back to my webblog that motivate me to find out more interesting stories about Vietnam.
Of course, I will still be here to write my blog while I also try my best to write for Global Voices.

Pieman, Thanks alot for your advice about feed burner and other stuff. I do really appreciate that. Hope we can catch up one day in hanoi or somewhere else.

Overlain, are you going to Hanoi really soon?

Fellow traveler, Are you coming back to Hanoi next winter?


slurp! said...

Congratulations! =)
Keep those interesting stories coming...


Anonymous said...

Chau la nguoi Viet Nam, nen danh van tieng Viet cho dung. Nguoi My khong biet tieng Viet nen ho viet ten nuoc, thanh pho dinh chum lai. Neu minh viet ten cua ho la UnitedStates, NewYork, SanFrancisco,v.v. thi ho nghi sao?

Anonymous said...

chao ban!

em la nguoi singapore nhung em rat thich van hoa viet nam.

em rat vui duoc doc blog cua ban ve van hoa viet nam. =)

cu viet nua!

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks ban da doc web site cua Tu, Minh rat ngac nhien khi ban biet tieng Viet. Hy vong nhung bai viet cua minh se giup ban hieu them phan nao ve doi song Viet Nam.