Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Abode

West Lake has such a beautiful and peaceful surrounding atmosphere. I can't believe how quiet it is in the evening. I fell in love with this place ages ago before we all moved here. My friends, Kate and Mark, moved here two months ago and they kept telling me to move over. Finally, we found a house that suited our budget and moved in the last few days. We have a small two-storey house with front and back yards, a lake view and green gardens out the front.

Sitting on the top roof looking over the lake at night with low lights, drinking beers with friends, the soft winds flowing around makes me home sick but relaxed. I am such a lucky guy to have found two different houses, both nice and reasonably priced.

This is one of the best areas in Hanoi where many foreigners live which means it's very secure and quiet. It's worth every penny.


Tim Rice said...

I love your posts about Vietnamese culture and food. You have my mouth watering.

Preya said...

I used to live in Tay Ho as well (Sedona Suites) and I know just what you's heaven in the evening:)

amy7252 said...

Your new house is gorgeous! I could feel the warm breeze in that picture of the curtains over your window. Congrats!

Thalasos said...

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slurp! said...

yes, beautiful & peaceful view. quite unlike what i saw in HCMC

curious ... can foreigner buy property in Vietnam? i have a friend who is raving about the properties in dalat that built along the river ... must have been gorgeous as well.

Michael said...


I really like your blog. I'd love to visit Vietnam someday. Your photographs and blog entires give me the incentive to do so. Thank you!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi all,
Good to know you guys like my new house and my area and Preya you would know as you've lived here in the past, really nice place. Thalasos, your blog looks fantastic, I wish I could speak Spanish.
slurp, sorry, I don't really know about that. Dalat is a beautiful place and people are really nice as well. Dalat is such a relaxing place.

Crystal said...

Very beautiful home! Looks like a dream.

Anonymous said...

to slurp, unfortunately, foreigners can't buy property in VN. Sigh!
To VNgod, am really enjoying your postings. Almost as good as being there. Can't wait to get back, but although I loved Ha Noi,(so romantic when the mist hangs over Ho Guom, and then there's the heady aroma and blue smoke of bun cha grilling), it's too cold and damp there for wimpy me in the winter.

MING - a gentle wind said...

wow.. this is so interesting

the OBLIQ project said...

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Indyman said...

Hi VNGod,
Your house looks gorgeous. It has the unique feel that is only Viet Nam. Oh how I wish i had a house on the lake in Viet Nam. Some day my dream will come true. Keep posting..

Revclow said...

I have enjoyed your posts and now I am feeling hungry only there is nothing as nice as what you have shown, in my cupboards or fridge.

TiffaneyC said...

Stunning view...yoyr blog is soo interesting. I have nothing like the cuisine you post here in Michigan.

Van Cong Tu said...

Surely food in Viet Nam is different than other cuisines especially in Vietnam we use all fresh herbs and veggies. thanks for comment about my house, It does look great in such a quiet place.

Anonymous said...

i am just learning to use blog i do'nt know how to load up the images just yet. but never mind. You have done a lot of work for this blog. good work.
I come back later to look at other topics