Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fried Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce

This is a very popular dish which most Vietnamese people love.. It's also very easy to make, only taking about 15 minutes following this recipe:

Chicken wings
1 teaspoon garlic
1/2 spring onion
1/4 teaspoon dried chili
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon chicken powder
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon fish sauce
2 spoons cooking oil
1 teaspoon suger

Chicken wings wash and cut it to 2 or leave it as normal, peeled and chopped garlic, sliced onion, cut spring onion about 4 or 5 cm long.

Mixed up pepper, salt,chili and lemon.

How to make:
Soak chicken wings with salt, ground black pepper, chicken powder and leave it from 5 to 10 minutes then deep fried in cooking oil until it looks dark yellow. Take them out and drain. Heat two spoons of cooking oil in the fried pan, then adding all the ingredients and cooked chicken wings and mix them well for 3 minutes. Put them all on the plate and add a pinch of ground pepper and garnish with lettuce, tomatoes and coriander.


BrainSyke said...

delicious looking...will ask my my ife to try this out :-)
even I can make this probably :-))

squish said...

Oh it looks so good! Maybe we can have it tonight! Yummy!



Will try this fried chicken recipe. Honestly I'm up to my neck thinking what to do with chicken dishes. At least this one is new.

Viamarie said...

Hello there! Came across your blog thru' Friday's Child and I became interested in your recipe. Will try it today. Thanks for sharing it. Will be visiting more often.

FooDcrazEE said...

ngon qua ! i did the opposite. I marinate with fish sauce and crushed black pepper. Then deep fried.

Nice with a cold bia

Anonymous said...

I get soo hungry reading your blog.. and I'm at that STUPID age when I can't eat when I want and what I want if I don't want to look like a thai elephant!!!

Winn said...

Chicken wing's not exactly my fav. but ur pic makes this dish looks so GOOD that i wish i cld reach out and grab the food immediately.

:P yes i like to bath my dogs!. maybe u could blog abt ur dog one day.

Unknown said...

just when i'm suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of Vietnamese food, you have provided a recipe to be tried asap!

Vagabonder said...

Hehehe thought chicken is the least meat that people in VN eat nowadays after the bird flu influenza ;-). Look very delicious!!!

Re.ur comment on Unicef, completely agree that it's not fair, but it is also very difficult to get into those organization, only that here it is based on your ability rather than "relations". But I guess, it works in elsewhere in SouthEast Asia, too, not only VN. Maybe that is something for us to fight?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try this recipe but I don't know what "chicken powder" is. If you spell it out in Vietnamese, maybe I can find it in an Asian market in the US.

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

My goodness, everyones posting delicious food pics!

Fried wings I've always loved, but now with the sauce you've described - gimme gimme!!!


Trailady said...

This blog makes me SO hungry!!! :o)

Trisha said...

Mmmm... that looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I will def. have to give this one a try. Tonight, I'm making lemongrass pork chop, I just love any dish with lemongrass, if you have any lemongrass recipe, please send me an email!

Always a pleasure to the senses when visiting your blog :)

Andi said...

Wow...I always like blogs that do good coverage of how to make different dishes. :-)

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi, All nice comnments, thanks alots guys.
Madelyn, of course, you can do that :)
fooDcrazEE, good try mate, i will check it out :)
lillian, you are such a fun person :) I like your comment.
Winn, I will try do take some pics and post about that really soon. cheers mate.
Anonymous chicken powder called Bot Ga in Vietnamese.
Trish, I will post something with lemongrass really soon.
Furkids In Hong Kong, thanks, i forgot about the sauce hehehe:)

Anonymous said...

I recently had fried chicken from a Vietnamese resturant and they were delicious. I hope this is the same recpie. Queston, how many chicken wings does this recpie call for? You say to soak the wings in the dry seasonings, are you added liquid? Thanks for the help.

Anonymous said...

I've asked questions but no response. Is the site monitored? I've been unable to find chicken powder, and how many wwings does the recipe call for, and how do you soak chicken in dry ingredients?

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Fish sauce? I never heard about it before! it looks so tasty!

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