Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Market Scenes

I arrived in Sai Gon early in the morning. I don't know why but I couldn't sleep at all. On the recommendation of noodlepie, I took myself to the Chanh Hung night seafood market.

I was so surprised about how welcoming and friendly the fishmongers are. They showed me the fish, and they even smiled for the camera , actually telling me to take pictures of everyone for fun. This impressed me a lot, as in other parts of Viet Nam people don't usually agree to having their picture taken.

Anyway, I took loads of pictures and I hope you guys like some of them.


FooDcrazEE said...

nice pic ,tu ! No pic for reunion dinner. What abt tet food ?

slurp! said...

hmmm ... does that happens only on special occassion. I find that most I meet in HCMC were usually camera-shy. Some perhaps you need to make some purchase from them before they pose for your camera :P

Winn said...


Jade L Blackwater said...

The night does bring out a whole new world, doesn't it? :)

Tim Rice said...

Those are some fish. The one is almost frightening.

Van Cong Tu said...

slurp! really? they were all smiling to me, maybe I am a nice guy haha.
besang, sometimes it depends on you too mate. They seemed happy to show me about their job, and so glad that I went there.
JLB, yes, I think so.

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